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  1. Here is an update on the tank, all is going well. I have uploaded a video today of the Epaulette Shark having a bit of a sniff around for food:
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  3. They are going well. Eating really well which is a big relief. I am keeping them in QT for about a month to keep an eye on them. But so far so good!
  4. I think with fish anything from around 1.021 to 1.026 is ok. Thats just my thoughts anyway. I maintain mine at 1.026 as that is what seawater generally is. If you have a look at this calculator it will tell you what kind of changes are required to raise the salinity to a higher amount: SaltyZoo's Salinity Adjustment Calculator I'm not too sure on what the health impacts are as I always try to keep it as close as possible to the natural level. Depending on how big the tank is I would look at raising the level slowly over the space of a week or so.
  5. Ive uploaded a video of the Snowflake munching on carnivore pellets - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ko63GQExEQc
  6. Have you got any Sharks coming in the next few weeks Jason?
  7. Check out Ultimate Aquarium at Morayfield and Fur n Fins at Burpengary.
  8. Yeah I would be interested to see some photos!
  9. Hey Jason. Yeah am totally devestated at loosing them. I think there was something funky with the Epp and think it must have died early in the day and sent the water off. Have done three changes now and things seem to be settling now. The Emporer and Snowflake are going fine though. What have you got in?
  10. Am devestated. Yesterday at work the tank crashed and despite massive water changes last night and efforts from mates, i sadly lost both sharks. The Ep was dead when i got home and the bamboo was not in a good way. I took him and the eel out and put them in fresh seawater i bought that day. I held him in front of the powerhead for an hour to keep the water going over his gills but to no avail. Really upset at loosing them.
  11. I got the Bamboo from Nielens. They only had the one left when I got it but I think they can get more in.
  12. I have thought about more rock and to be honest I am pretty sure I will get some more - thanks to Saltytank88! I am a little concerned with the Epp as it is not eating. Having said that it has only been two days in the tank. To be honest I prefer the Bamboo over the Epp! The Bamboo is much more of a swimmer and is trying to eat, but I think I am not cutting up the food small enough. I made them up a nice seafood mix last night that I then pureed and set with gelatin. Poor things havent had a chance to try it yet as the Emp keeps smashing it the moment he senses it touch the water lol. And surprise surprise the Snowflake likes.....wait for it.......sinking carnivore pellets and crushed algae wafer lol
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