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  1. Look Donny! Baby fissidens!!


  2. I want to do it!

  3. My favourite type of snake in the world relle :D

  4. I'll help you pick the good ones if you carry them back to the car donny :P

  5. Those are beautiful Donny

  6. Wow thats awesome but i have a feeling it wouldn't last long in most bathrooms! :D

  7. I am a huge pokemon fan XD, always have been!

    Haven't had a chance to get teh pellia yet, but I'm still keen!

  8. I would live there.. oh I would live there...

  9. Yep just waiting on pickup payment has been made :)

  10. Haha it might look classy to have a pink unicorn running along on my trimmed HC iwagumi lawn :P

  11. Hi Virachai sorry none are available at the moment.

  12. ya should've come n say hello last night rion you silly bugger! :P

  13. I'll take 5 bichirs, 9 chilli reds, 9 RTGs and a whole lot of Ls thanks stu. Hope your having a great time. I expect pics galore!

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