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  1. Welcome. The tech den at Caboolture has some nice sized marbles at a good price atm.
  2. Hey Gary your inbox is full.

  3. Kurt, your inbox is full.

  4. Colours seem very unnatural. Most probably a leucosticta. It looks very similar to pics in the German Datz book of fish from the Demerara river in Guyana.
  5. I'll be slowly going through and updating info, wording, broken links, current status etc.
  6. I still have argys too. [MENTION=5428]ozmo[/MENTION] the cf argys we have are from the Aripuana.
  7. Still have a few fish that I'm trying to spawn atm. No CV available, but there are a small number of colonies in seq that should be breeding soon.
  8. Just be careful brachys will breed with Brancos.
  9. The Tocantins altifrons we have in Australia are now known as G. neambi. I sold my last few juvies down south, they are being bred in small numbers I believe. The big males look awesome.
  10. Looks like night be the same fishing rod
  11. FYI There's an ATM 1-2min away, corner moggill and witton rds.
  12. Will try updating the site a bit to make it more current.
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