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  1. Lovely tank chooks. How many fish you have in the tank? Luke
  2. Thankyou for your replies. The main reason I went with the blue filter pads is because there was an issue with the company that I bought my second 2217 from and they wouldn't provide me with any media even though the advertisement said it would come with media. So at the time I looked around as best I could and could only find the blue filter pads and the EHEIM MECH and went with that, otherwise I would of made a duplicate of my first filter and enjoyed the benefits. I also have an OTTO internal on this tank so maybe if I give it a bit more attention and keep in nice and clean it could provide better mechanical filtration for me. Thanks for the comments, I'll sit on that info for a little while before I decide which way I'll go.
  3. Hey guys. At the moment I currently have 2 x eheim 2217's on my 4ft x 2ft x 2ft and in one of them I am using the recommended EHEIM MECH on the bottom, 1 coarse filter pad blue, EHEIM SUBSTRAT pro and 1 fine filter pad white which came with filter when I purcahsed it. However on my other one I am mainly using blue coarse filter pads as mechanical filtration with 1 fine filter pad on top and some EHEIM MECH on the bottom (which is also recommended in the intro booklet) and I have been finding that since I set this filter up at least 18 months ago, it slows down in flow and needs more regular cleaning than the other 2217 does. Do you guys think that the mainly mechanical filter media I have chosen for my 'other' filter is a wise choice? The tank mainly holds eartheaters and pleco catfish and I don't plan on changing the filter media over but I was just curious as to what your opinions are. Thanks alot for your help. Luke
  4. I agree that cannisters are the better choice, especially if you are keeping bigger cichlids. I own a 4x2x2 with SA cichlids and I run 2 x Eheim 2217s and an OTTO internal on my tank and they do a good job.
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