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    only new at the fish game. thankful for any advice etc given :)
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  1. they are great.... i really like the look of the Texas. I am having a look around for some americans to put in my tanks that i have bought... seeing what is out there and giving them a go
  2. Dexter, they are some wonderful colours. What type are they?
  3. hi ppls, am new to all this and was given some Rainbows with the tanks i just bought. hubby was just wondering, do we need a licence of some sort to collect from the creeks/streams or even just have a look around and return them to the creeks? collect as feeder fish from variety of creeks etc?
  4. this is my male Green Terror. Daddy twice now very proud. when hubby first brought them home i thought they were ugly and small .... but now he is just getting better!!
  5. only reason was because i have sold the fish i advertised
  6. hi how do i delete a post/thread that i have started?
  7. thanks Gringox, spoke to my local aquarium guy today and he said to source an electrician for some also, my green terrors seem to be both great parents its just the other females in the tank that i was worried about... might have a buyer coming tomorrow tho for one set of parents and one or 2 extra females so happy about that... just a few other females to go then i can put all babies in the huge tank lmao if that is wise. seems the ones with parents and no other fish in tank are doing great. feeding off the log in there already. super happy i dont need to put any extra feed in with them... they are great parents cant wait to set up other tank and source some other fish. will be great Thanks again
  8. thank you I will definately be looking up some of those names BigPete Gringox you mentioned dividers and egg crate...... have looked for dividers and the places around here dont sell them anymore and to buy a sheet from bunnings and do myself is approx $50. Egg crates???? i have the fry tanks but the fry slip straight thru, including the netted ones. Maybe i need to source a better aquarium shop or any ideas on how to make a cheaper one? now to find out more about filters and bio balls and all the weird named things ppl talk about lol
  9. Hey guys/gals Hubby bought some green terrors a little over a month ago. i didnt mind now one set have paired and spawned? if thats the right term twice now and another set have spawned once.... looking at selling one set and the spare female and keeping the original parents and then sell the fry when big enough but what i would like to know is, is there some harder to breed american/african cichlids i could try? any suggestions? i have an almost 3ft tank then another 3ft tank. thinking i am going to need one of them for larger fry. not sure where to go from here? better filters? what is a sump etc? bioballs??? omg there is so much to learn with these babies being thrown at us lol and the urge to do more now Pls help
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