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  1. Gday been looking at posibly trying to get wc tropheus collonys to cairns in the near future and would love to hear peoples advice and personal experience with this subject plus the names of good importers would be good cheers.
  2. best i could get with the phone cam is that along the lines of colouring you where talking about female cheers.
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  4. some of these tanks sound awsome and chance of some photos cheers.
  5. hello looking for some advice on building backgrounds such as what types of materials that last paints tools cheers.
  6. Yeah i dont have any intention of ever keeping any of these fish i just enjoy catching difrent species of fish plus less invasive species is always better
  7. I honeslty thought the water around that area would be to salty for these types of fish seems like a good enough reason for a game of golf
  8. Cought a couple of species its a shame people are actualy thick enough to release these types of fish
  9. What golf course is this if i might ask
  10. Nah never heard that one
  11. Seen some people talking about catching some feral cichlids in cairns
  12. Just wondering how theres a market for eel tails especialy in cairns where there living in creeks here in there hundreds
  13. Iv managed to catch a few oscars and some angles in the net before
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