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  1. After trying for a fair while to get these to breed and having no luck with a pair that have failed 4 times now. Decided to put two random CV's from my 8ft display. 4 days later, what do you know they are holding!! Fast forward a few weeks and we have fry! Hard to get decent photos. From a phone and low light in the shed. Original pair have another mouthful but I don't hold high hopes. Most likely 5th failed attempt. Cheers Gary
  2. Hey Gary your inbox is full.

  3. Identification Help PLEASE...

    they are Geophagus brachybranchus [aka red horse face]
  4. hey mick its a satanoperca if the pic was taking in oz it's photoshoped if it's from over seas .looks like a satanoperca jurupari gary
  5. hey tony

    yep still in the same place

  6. wicky, do you still live up the road

  7. help lifting a tank strathpine?

    hey steve i can help what time
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  9. help I'd some new geos

    hey mick i;d go with mongy on this one get some more pics when they colour up a bit more gary
  10. Hi there

    How much you asking for the filter mate, might keep as a back up cheers johnnie

  11. 10ft before and after

    i can allways find some space lol
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  13. Rare African Malawi

    Thats an american site? The kid says there is a couple of fish shops over in perth that have vc10's for sale all the time. Weird how different each state is
  14. 10ft before and after

    Thanks everyone for the kind words! Now i have 2 10fts and an 8ft full of geos Next one will be a 10x3 or 12x3. Cheers gary P.s chels if you ever want to sell those tapa's im sure i can find room