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  1. I'm having an issue with it to. How can we get rid of it?
  2. I also bought a different brand of water conditioner for the next change. Thank you for your help ☺
  3. I think it was the deoxygenisation of the water once i lifted one of the canister filter returns to make a waterfall and added some extra neutraliser some that looked dead on the bottom come back to life. I lost 6 good sized fish unfortunately. Bought a second air pump today and two flexible air stone/lines.
  4. I had three fish die after last water change. Today i did a 20 percent change and i used seachem safe as a nutraliser. 10 hours later i had fish gulping for air and trying to jump out of the tank. I have two air rater stones. Moved the filter return to move the surface water but all my fish are dying! I have no idea what's going wrong
  5. I'm thinking it is an internal diameter of 220mm X 6mm cross section
  6. i have just purchased this filter, plugged it in and it is leaking like crazy from the lid. I have now noticed the diagram on the box and the large o-ring is missing from beneath the lid of the canister filter. Does anybody here happen to have one of these filters and can tell me what size and dimensions the o-ring should be so i can purchase a new one:eyebrows: thank you in advance!
  7. what is GH and zins? any advice on meds for the sunken belly guy in solitary? Keep feeding him and add the algae tabs to his diet and hope for the best?
  8. Thank you so much! I think they are getting plenty of food but I will look further into what the different pellets are. I do have some algae wafers with spirulina. I will give some to the sick fella I only have one medium sized yellow in a separate tank at the moment who is eating but still has a sunken belly. What would be a recommended med if he does have a fluke? The tablet the LFS has given me clearly isnt doing the job as he has been in there for nearly a month now. I have been chaning about 50% of the water in my changes. the tank has been running a few months now so I have only cleaned out one of the canisters once so far but am planning on doing the other this weekend. they have stopped scratching since I have put the temp up to 30. I will leave it for the full 7 day cycle before reducing it to try kill the white spot right off. I never seen any aggression between any of the fish and I make sure they all get a good feeding Thank you so very much for all your advice so far! This is an invaluable resource! I really did spend a lot of time searching the net before getting on here with no luck!
  9. no they didnt have sunken belly to begin with. I now have them on a mixed pellet from a local breeder. 3 or 4 different types in the mix. they seem to love the small red ones the best... (sorry i have no idea on the names) I have checked the ph in the past and it was fine. I have just changed the gravel over to crushed coral this weekend as I read that is best for cichlid PH I dont have a nitrate test kit at the moment. I run two canister filters on the 4ft tank and do water changes every 1-2 weeks. there are currently 30 yellows and a handful of dragons blood, and electric blue, white cap in there too
  10. I have lost a few of my electric yellows with sunken belly and a couple of other larger yellows without the sunken belly. I have tried seperating the sunken belly fish and feeding them up with a tablet the LFS gave me to grind up and mix with a shot of vodka into my food to bind the two with no luck. I also notice the fish seem to be scratching themselves against the gravel. Would this be itch? I have been searching online but am still confused. I raised the temperature of my tank to 30 yesterday as I read doing this for 7 days can kill off the parasites. Any help is greatly appreciated! I dont want to loose any more fish
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