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  1. [MENTION=470]aquaholic99[/MENTION] prob the best person to talk to
  2. I would use 2 for feeders and 1 for a grow out tank but thats me
  3. I was recently watching some video's on youtube about wild american cichlids in their natural habitat and came across some large swordtails that looked to be 10-15cm. Do i need my eye checked?? If not do we have them in Aus?
  4. I currently have 3 Oscars in a community tank with other assorted American cichlids. For some reason my two largest Oscars around the 30cm who were best buddies have now broken out and in random fights with scales being taken off and some superficial dmg around the mouths of each fish. There is body twitching towards each other towards each other, so I ask rough courting or a struggle for dominance?
  5. Ill post a photo of my guy very shortly he is 10months old and 13cm quite the odd ball
  6. Finn went down and caught 3-4 i think http://www.qldaf.com/forums/qld-cichlid-trader-classifieds-113/pair-wild-caught-jack-dempsey-94244/
  7. The main thing you are looking for is spots above their lateral line so from what i can see so far its looking good for you. That Festae wont last in there
  8. in order Clown Loach, Argentea, Flagtail, Giant pink Gourami, Clown knife, Snake Head Gudgeon, Polleni, Datnoid and a Female Festae.
  9. My last one i used hikari massivore great colour and beefy
  10. It's on their website, new store looks okay but they are still low on stock
  11. Yeah its only chasing my Peacock Bass (probably because they are the next largest thing in there?)
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