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  1. Thanks for the tips. Yeah I will need to go and get some more of that black foam I think. Also just to confirm your referring to the black square of foam not the black things in the circular part in the picture above? What about that white foam? It seems like it needs replacing? I have been doing water changes towards the end of last week however over the weekend it seems to have fixed it self up a bit as the colour is looking much better. I think the cycling might be starting to happen. I will do another test over the next day or two and see how it's going and post up the results although my gut feeling is it has started to remove some of the chemicals itself The tank has been setup for probably 3 weeks now and fish in it for just over a week now. So really I should have let it cycle first as I probably rushed that bit because I was too keen to have fish again. As for any other tanks..no not at the moment. I used to have a 6 foot cichlid tank however the tank broke and I have never bought another one as I moved house and I pretty much needed to start from scratch as with the tank broken i threw my stand away too cause I'm 99% sure it was what caused the tank to break. I will be looking at another 6 foot though when I move into my next house in a year or so. As for the amount of fish in my tank, am I at my limit? I was hoping my gourmai would be a bit more brave. It seems to be hiding behind most of the objects and isn't coming out too much to where you can see him. He did yesterday and I was surprised as he was out swimming around most of the day. Do you think this could of been water quality related or do you think its likely he was just taking time getting used to the tank? Thanks for your inputs!! Very helpful! Will post next results test soon.
  2. Hi All, Having some trouble with my filter/ filtration in my little 25L tank. I have 10 neon tetras and a red dwarf gourami in there and they are going fine despite readings of: pH 7.5, Ammonia 2-4ppm, nitrite 1-2 ppm and nitrate 0ppm after having them in there for 4 days. Its been a year or so since I've had a tank and correct me if I'm wrong but looks like the ammonia is being broken down a bit but the nitrite is not?? I've done a water change tonight and i've added some photos so you can see my tank/filter. Basically I want to know if i should replace something in the filter or any plants I can put in to help? I know I need to get the pH down a bit and get 0's or as close to for the other 3 so any suggestions welcome!! Cheers James
  3. Thanks Butch but i ended up passing them on to a friend. As hard as it was to stop for now there is obviously something wrong with the stand its on and the distribution of weight (considering this happened out of the blue) so I've decided to upgrade that maybe my sump and all that stuff before i go again since I couldn't get my sump perfect (quiet, high flow and cleaning water( was only cleaning previously)) and i dont want this too happen again. I'll be getting my saving on for a while and then Ill get everything fixed and ill say ill be back out to see you butch. Thanks anyway mate.
  4. where can you get glass like that from and where? or how much/long would a rebuild be. Ive had to drain all my water and my fish are in a bucket James
  5. 1.22m x 50cm x 46cm. or what's that 4ft x 1.5ft x1.6ft.
  6. So i heard this loud bang..then my tank just started dripping Ive taken all the fish out and the water to find a mad crack all the way through on the bottom of my tank... Is this fixable if so how? silicone? or am i looking at a new tank.
  7. Ok cool. Yeah i thought my fish would be acting out if something was wrong. Yeah i did use a filter courtesy of Donny@AOA and that really helped it get going. I just thought you were meant to have 0's but what ive read about makes me believe its doing fine. Thanks for you advice.
  8. Hey all, Had my tank going for probably 6 weeks now. I have 10 lecky yellows 2 blue dolphins and a red tp black shark. They are all doing fine and not being effected by the water (my daily or every 2nd day water changes are probably helping) but i cannot get 0's across the board. I get Ammonia basically 0, Nitrite 0-.25 and nitrate 10. Any tips to help me improve this? He is what my sump looks like except I dont have the bio balls anymore i have the coral in the first section (Since it is underwater) and I also have the water running through filter mat. Suggestions ?
  9. Welcome! In for pics I have a very similar setup!
  10. Welcome to the forum. So much good information and helpful people on here.
  11. Got hardly anything in there at the moment just a catfish and a red tip black shark in a 270 L tank. Getting some more fish this weekend hopefully. Would good old garden hose do it? otherwise ill have to go get some CVT
  12. Thinking I might just add 10 electric yellows and a blue dolphin and keep it at that for 6 months or so. Or at least until sorta Xmas ish. Tanks kinda boring with the just 1 red tip black shark and my catfish haha. Pretty ready to add some more fish!
  13. Awesome. Just to ensure im not being a full on rookie here. Just like a bit of soft pipe like a hose and just suck one end to get it pulling or?
  14. I have straddie white sand in the bottom of my tank and I cleaned the crap out of it before putting it in. But now there is like fish poo and little bits of stuff on the surface of my sand (just normal fish waste nothing special here) and I wanted to use a gravel cleaner but apparently sometimes they are too strong and kick up the sand etc. Can anyone recommend a good sand cleaner for me or a rock cleaner that is weak that wont pick up sand?
  15. Ahh true I thought they were something different. Either way they are cool. So i have been testing my water. Its at about 27 degrees Ammonia is pretty close to 0. Nitrite is at about 0.5 and the Nitrate at about 10ppm so its not too bad however i want 0's across the board. Hw do I do this? I've also had a red tip black shark in there for a week and my catfish so I'm getting well ready to add some cichlids. Electric Yellows First? Would you at 10? or just say 5? the reason I ask is because they are cheaper by the 10.
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