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  1. I'm always changing my mind on what fish I want next. I'm thinking of a Japanese native tank (or Chinese). What native species are available in Queensland?
  2. OK thanks! I'm sort of dropping that idea anyway.
  3. Really? Neale Monks put it on his website but it if best for the fish. What about cardinals?
  4. Thanks! (sorry about typos) What about marine cardinal fishes and dwarf fuzzy lionfish? I would still like to know about marine clams ( specifically tridacna small species) any more help would be great thanks! PS If you know of any more tropical species that can live in brackish and do occur in mangrove lagoons and forests please inform. Thanks!
  5. I'm toying with the idea of a TNQ mangrove biotope. I've seen the pretty marine clams around and wondered if there are any species which could live at SG 1.010. Also could someone, if there are any oddball species that inhabit brackish mangroves ( I've heard stuff about banghai cardinal fish and dwarf fuzzy lionfish ) It would be appreciated (fish or inverts). Thanks Aqua.
  6. I had 2 for many years, they even spawned BUT, they are the most boring thing you can get in mos't fish stores!
  7. I'd like to find one too!
  8. What are your prices? do you know where i can get a L24 or L25 in Australia?
  9. Hi!, i'm living in south east Queensland, about a half-hour drive from broad water Goldcoast. Any way i'm wondering what varieties of L-number catfish and plecos, are for sale in the area, and at what prices. Any help would be appreciated!
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