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  1. Just thought I'd bump this up for anyone who wants to build a plywood tank.
  2. Thanks for all the comments guys.
  3. ^^^^Just an updated video
  4. scuba

    Plywood tank

    http://www.qldaf.com/forums/aquarium-projects-diy-journals-11/ply-wood-fish-tank-build-85327/ Here is a link to a plywood tank I built about 12 months ago. It's the same as greenterras.
  5. I'm chasing a male peacock bass mate can you help me at all? How much do you want for one? Cheers jake

  6. Tank is still going really well no signs of any epoxy degradation thankfully. I am also now running a small sand filter with it to. Not much has changed with the fish stocks everything is just bigger now.
  7. Yeah I realise that I built this tank purely for him just got the others in there until he's bigger. Once he out grows this tank I will put him into a cut down water tank.
  8. another full tank shot with the rtc
  9. Cheers thanks for that!
  10. Thanks for that. I'll let you know next time I'm coming through Jp and I'll drop in. Cheers Stevie Wonder I'm so glad to finally have fish in it.
  11. Cheers Jp, yeah the bass are pretty nice
  12. Nah I live on a property with about 3ks of river frontage just took a few days of looking. I really wanted a big mangrove root but I couldn't be happier with this one.
  13. Full tank shot
  14. Sorry I have been a bit slack posting updates, the tank finally has water in it the sump is all plumbed up and running really well. As I am using eskys you cant see much but next time I have them open I'll take a pic. Tomorrow I will be putting some goldfish to get the filter going, once the tank reaches temp I will transfer a heap of pond matrix out of my current sump into the eskys to really kick it along.