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  1. I've been running a bit of a trial on my display 6ft tank over the past 6 months. Now typically I pull all the sponges and some of the media out of the sump and give it a wash after 3 months. It's a 5ft sump, so can hold a fair bit, and typically stays crystal clean. Walking past the tank last night I heard a strange woosh noise, which I then discovered that my bypass or safety pipe was taking all the return water because the sponges were blocked. These sponges are the fairly course blue mesh type sponge. My trial was testing the food difference between some dainichi and NLS Thera A+. It seems since using the NLS, not only is more food going to waste by floating "sinking" pellets, but its also causing issues with my sump. Secondly I've noticed some sunken bellies on some yellows the past couple weeks. It may be coincidental that the water quality was causing that due to the restricted flow in the sump. Is NLS still considered the best? I'm asking because to be frank, I've never been overly happy with it. I understand that the ingredients are superior etc to a lot of foods out there, but if a heap is ending up in the sump, is it really beneficial for our fishy friends. I'll be going back to dainichi I think.
  2. I've just used cheap acrylic paint... mainly from the 2 dollar shop. And buy a foam roller at the same time. Few coats and voila. As for prep, just a good clean with a microfiber cloth, to ensure there's no oils/dirt on the glass.
  3. A lot of these were set back in a previous forum's day. They weren't as visible, however, after the migration to invision board, it set them more publicly. Reputation is gained when people Thank or Like the post, or alternatively, you have admin rights and can fudge the numbers.
  4. Just to clarify.. the SSL error preventing access to the site from some browsers (mainly chrome) has no relevance to @gingerbeer's post. The issues above are still very much accurate.
  5. Have you confirmed your email address?
  6. I was wandering through a pet store and looking at the aquarium section, staff member noticed that I spotted a couple dead floaters.. and no word of lie, with a straight/flustered face said "oh they must have drowned". But yes, very painful selling on Gumtree. Had people ask for petrol money to pick up fish before...
  7. That's the funniest thing I've ever heard of. Yeah that'll stop a DDoS. /facepalm
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. It's certainly slowed some things down... Labarynth in Sydney seems to have a pretty good network for rare stuff (especially Africans).
  10. Fixed - need to make a couple minor changes later. Don't mind getting rid of the old background images as most were too busy.
  11. Being worked on right now.. dark theme should be back within the hour.
  12. Interesting - cheers will have a look! Sent you back a PM.
  13. I'm presently running a 6 x 2.5 x 2.5 as a display with all male african cichlid peacocks. Have white crushed coral and holey rock. Previously I was running a couple of Radion XR30 Pro's but found due to the lights being primarily for a reef tank (higher in the blue spectrum), I was getting a fair bit of brown algae growth. Didn't matter how much I adjusted the light cycle/colours to combat the algae, it kept coming. No direct sunlight hitting either. What I did like about them was the automation. Running the beamswork lights at the moment, and the tank looks great, but I often find myself forgetting or negating to turn the lights on. Are there any new lights I could look at for a freshwater setup that would be similar in terms of the automation? Running moonlight at night and then day time cycle etc. Would love for something specific to cichlids or to help with their colours, but must be automated and roughly 4-5 foot. I'm open to anything, from the CREE DIY's to a pre-built system. Any suggestions/pics are greatly appreciated.
  14. A marine section has been reinstated. Theres more coming guys. Im looking at a couple modules presently to try and get a good gallery happening too.
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