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  1. Hey mate was wondering about ur white ghost knife and whiptails and ur plecos can u txt me wether u have still got them or u don't 0404804440 I inboxed u but not sure how this works

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  3. depends what your trying to achieve , 4 x ? x ? , depending on that size it would rule a few haps out
  4. Nice fish mate , dont feed them white crane just get a good quality food that along with age you'll get nice coloured fish ,
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  6. The world is yours just mix and match what you can ( a all hap tank looks awesome ) , i found it best to start with smaller africans around 8cm no bigger & build up from there that way later in life when there bigger they seem to accept new additions better ( in my case this works ) , all my fish get along well , get a few stand offs now & then but no fights the fronnies seem to break these up . Bristlenose look outta place with the africans imo and the problem is with them as algea control once there bigger there usless for this and smaller ones may get picked off with some bigger africans ( have had this happen many times) , regular cleaning/tank maintance will stop any algea building up Also Keep an eye on the Featherfin cat as these tend to chew on the sides of the fish at times swap him for some cuckoo catfish they have more character My stock list in my 6 x 18 x 18 Cyrtocara moorii (Blue Dolphin ) - 2 @ 12cm+ Whiteknights (Line bred/hybrids)- 2 @ 12cm+ Sciaenochromis fryeri (Electric Blue) - 2 @ 12cm+ Protomelas taeniolatus (Red Empress) - 1 @ 12cm+ Protomelas taeniolatus (Fire Blue Red Empress) - 1 @ 12cm+ Nimbochromis venustus (Venustus) - 2 - 12 to 15cm Placidochromis electra (Electra) - 1 @ 12cm Pseudotropheus sp. Acei (Msuli) -1 @ 12cm Neolamprologus tretocephalus (Tret) -1 @ 8cm+ Cyphotilapia frontosa (Burundi) - 3 - 15cm to 20cm+ Copadichromis borleyi (Kadango) - 3 @ 8cm Cynotilapia Afra (Albino afra) -1 @ 10cm Aulonocara sp (peacocks) -4 @ 10cm+ Aulonocara "Albino" -1 @ 8cm Aulonocara maulana - 1 @ 10cm Aulonocara sp. (sunshine peacock) - 1 @ 12cm Aulonocara jacobfreibergi (Eureka Red) -2 @ 12cm Aulonocara Lwanda - 1 @ 10cm Phenochilus Tanzania -1 @ 10cm Copadichromis sp. (Yellow-fin mloto) -1 @ 10cm Nimbochromis fuscotaeniatus (fusco) -1 @ 15cm + Metriaclima sp. (Zebra Long Pelvic) - 1 @ 10cm Metriaclima pulpican (Kingsizei)- 1 @ 8cm Synodontis multipunctatus (Cuckoo catfish) - 8 @ 6-10cm
  7. had brevis last time but the males went physco and killed each other but i do love them
  8. cool ill start cycling the tanks then
  9. basically there the same as multis?
  10. Neolamprologus similis these look interesting how many in that size tank? Also where to find them?
  11. After some idea's on fish for a 1 foot cube tank (apart from guppies , cherry shrimp etc ), something interesting , would prefer something that likes hard water and high ph around 7.8 simular to african cichlids. I thought of shellies but once they breed they start to kill each other off in small tanks so need to try and think of something else ( tank is just for veiwing not keen on breeding ), i have 2 - 1 foot cube tanks to setup if i can find the right fish. Tank info Filtration - Medium sponge filter Gravel - Bare bottom can arange to suit the style of fish i get Any help in finding something unusual would be great Terry
  12. Probally written somewhere in this thread but a great schooling fish for africans are leptosoma speices, i love some except i got 3 big frontosa so there goes that idea
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