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  1. FHO flowerhornsonly On facebook is one hybrid group in oz
  2. I breed them I've got juvenile BP KKP. And rose queen available now 0415238510 give me a call I hav many hybrids for sale but they need to go in a hybrid tank or if your Breeding with them Breed responsibility that means cull hard or only sell to other hybrid owners .
  3. PM me for in of or face book Flowerhornsonly Thanks for your time
  4. Thanks guys mate the colour ?? Very red lol sorry she's a cracker mate um she like blood red I guess And Donny thanks mate she's nice I've got a few , there going to end up in a display tank with import KKP and few of my Flowerhorn and some hybrid sting ray I seen you yesterday I was in the shop about closing time got filter and ordered heaters Yeah that blue he's one male and I've got a big classic Kamfa from banka but I got him from a friend Got eggs today from two of my super red synspilus and there going to be for display and project fish is that info Keith lol Oh and I've got my own site now called flowerhornsonly on Facebook so come check it out project fish are going to be posted up there quite a bit so if your looking for odd ball fish it's going to the place to get them a few of the members are full on hybrid breeders that never come on forums and normally cull there project fish so keep an eye on it , And grand sumo is now available in Brisbane pick or shipping so for all Americans hybrids and Flowerhorn owners PM me Oh yeah Keith KKP import I PM you so call me on 0415238510
  5. Thanks man, yeah lazybonezz got some beauties he got the fine pearl, thick pearl with colour ,blue silk But I love this guys face he has perfect lips it a Malau trait ,IMO he will turn out to be a MP, I'm really happy When I see fish like this ,so well looked after and I can see so much potential there , I can see there just going to get better and better can't wait to see them in six months
  6. Oh yeah that's right you got a silk lol Awesome blue silks there like a big jewel swimming around in your tank I'll have some awesome faders soon few months away yet Thanks so much for sharing your fish I love watching them grow The red base one is going to be good fish man , your going to have a full on collection man just wait until there 1 -2 years old man
  7. Well done how good is his face pearl and he's going to pop like beast and so will the 2 nd one , man the first one body shape and tail and fins very nice fish, both great fish but you just need a silk and one of my new pearly red dragons and you will have an awesome collection of Flowerhorn lol we've got some epic red dragons coming up man
  8. Yeh cool man and sorry I was late with your email man I didn't see it mate
  9. Yeh ok I'll get a pic of a like tiger silk female for ya , I've been in bed all day today sorry mate in pain I'm felling a bit better I'll try and get some pics if I can
  10. That's a nice fish look like adult red magma bred by fengshuiaquaticthailand just a ruff guess love it bubble KOK full colour and pearl running over KOK
  11. G'day mate she a beauty great solid colour, and yeh you need a few tanks for Flowerhorn lol planing on breeding her ? Get a big KOK worm pearl male be awesome fry
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