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  1. Ah ha. . Now I find out that I'm not going to get round discus in my planted tank! Oh well. Lol
  2. OK, so now I'm confused.... I have a 4ft tank with 5 discus, bronze Cory, hoplo cat, 2 peppermint bn, 2 blue gourami, a black paradise fish,a African butterfly fish and a Bolivian ram. One of the discus is very skinny has possibly has worms but it's unknown what type. Donny @ aoa said to get big L, but I will also have to treat a 2ft with 4 black khuli loaches, a fighter, a dwarf cichlid, 3 dwarf cories, spiny eel, and 2 L002. One of the problems is they are both planted tanks (4ft is a work in progress, and has taken me almost 5 months to get it where it is now, and I already have to get a new filter, in short it's costing me almost as much as a car! Lol but it's the price we pay for the joy. ) I can't take out the gravel in either tank, the 2 has soil substrate, while the 4 has about 27kg of new gravel, both are not easy to syphon ( the 4ft is almost 3ft high) Another problem I have is my tap water is very high ( 8.2) even through the normal tap filter it's 7.2, the tanks are sitting around the 6.6- 6.4 mark so doing a massive water change ( above 10-15%) is almost a devastating thing to do, especially with discus. This is the first time with having to deal with worms, also the fist time owning discus, I have invested a lot of time and money into them. I just don't want them to die if I can help it. So what should I do? Thanks.
  3. Wow now I have something like 40 mulits in a 3ft, will have to post photo soon..
  4. Yup, finally mastered how to get my password back, loads has changed more fish through the doors and out again, same with tanks. But now the world has moved on and on to bigger and better things even with the hair pulling and frustrations.... ( changing a working tank from non planted to planted and end up with a pH spike for a start, to dealing with new types of fish with white spot!!! :/ this is what is currently going on. However white spot is under control thanks to Donny and the boys @ aoa and using peat moss for the pH spike, testing to be done tomorrow) Anyhow just popping in to say hi, an look at some L002 to try and figure out if I have a male ana a female. Fingers crossed. Lol
  5. I had forgotten this.. Lol. Just had the same mum an dad had another batch, just came out of the cave last night. Also have short fin common breed with a first time dad who did really well. I want to put my short fin common fem with my albino short fin male now.
  6. I have deformed fish that I will never sell to a breeder he is a pet only fish, I recently had been told I should of culled "fugly" flowerhorns cause they didn't have their koks yet ( old school late developers) only way I will "put down" a fish if it was cause of illness that it can't come back from. I personally will give fish a chance. The said deformed fish is an ellioti an has a massive personality an he "plays" with my self an my partner.. Any tank he goes into he is the boss.. Even bailed up two 25cm+ Oscars. Lol
  7. As it turns out my male albino longfins bristles haven't split yet... The photo doesn't show the true length but I'm happy... Sonny, Albino Longfin Male Photo by HannibalsMum | Photobucket
  8. Multis In 2f Tank. Photo by HannibalsMum | Photobucket An the tank is looking great! Love it. XD
  9. Oh awesome! Will have to keep in touch to get some do you only have that yellow tails? I'd probably get a female as well ( have full breeding set up just in case. Lol). My other half like to have pairs even tho he doesn't do any thing with the fish. Lol
  10. IMG_20140804_055754_zps8a29aa4a.jpg Photo by HannibalsMum | Photobucket My Grommet. Can pat him an so forth. Loves him tons.XD
  11. Don't k ow till tomorrow. This is what I'm getting. It looks to be a tall 2f.
  12. A change of plans... Like always lol. Multis now have a 2f tank that they are going into ( what I was originally looking for, its a curved tank like my 4f so it matches) won't get it until tomorrow so I don't know the size except that its 25.5 inch long. Lol. [MENTION=2023]shon982[/MENTION] do you think its OK to have a couple of leptos ( eg 1 male an maybe a couple of female) to go in that tank? I'm thinking on putting a 1000 lph canister on it also.
  13. 91 cm L x 40cm w x 50 cm h but the water would only be about 45 cm high. Aprox 150L of water, give it take a couple of L once décor is added.
  14. I think its 2 wide an maybe 2 or 2.5 f high. Or smaller... :/ Will have to measure when I get home this avo.
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