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  1. Ute is easiest, make sure its well padded and supported
  2. G'day all been lurking for a while and active on other forums, figured I'd get better feedback and info on local rather than international forums. Got involved with aquariums 4 - 5 years ago when we were given a 50 gallon for an anniversary. Made all the newby mistakes and killed a heap of fish, then started getting it right, got a 130 gallon and built a bar around it, got a 5 gal with a betta and some neons, 20 gallon nursery for my bristlenoses, currently building a pond outside (relocating 3 comets who have been in the 50 with the breeding bristlenose and adding a couple of turtles) with a 180 in the pipeline (paying it off with bristlenose fry) Look forward to contributing
  3. Good advice, most likely a bit stressed by the move, but check you parameters, difference in ph, hardness, or ambient temp might take them a little while to adjust
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