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  1. I was under the impression that there was no such thing as a filter being "too much", as long as the flow isn't too hard/fast for the fish (don't blast them across the tank without their consent).
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  4. There's only the like 'link' below the post to actually like, the "Thanks/Like" arrow under their details just goes into more details about their likes, etc Apologies, I should've clicked it before I scribbled on it.
  5. Hello

    Im just seeing if you had any peps left.

    I did post on the add as im still new to this and still trying work it all out. Lol


  6. Did I get here after the 'like' issue was fixed? Or are you guys just too used to looking in the old spot for it?
  7. If he didn't work he would get the ramp, rails and wheelchair for free -- but there is probably a six year waiting list In all seriousness though, I can only imagine the stress and worry they are going through.. hopefully the hobby community spirit kicks in and we can help ease the financial stress a little. All the best.
  8. Stupid question -- there's no carbon in the filter, right? I had sticky ich after I bought guppies from a petshop, and tried a few different things that didn't work.. protozin was my saviour, with no more guppy/pep bn deaths. I love the stuff. Hopefully you get on top of it soon, healthy loaches make me worry enough when they play dead.
  9. I went from prime to fraction purely for price reasons, and because AoA never had it on the shelf when we went in..my peps are still breeding and all tanks are happy and healthy..I know fraction doesn't do the slime coat related thing that prime does though.. and I think I put in more than the recommended dose.. but I have no science to offer.
  10. They all have the same thing in them in the end.. and the half dose is pretty standard for bn treatment Best of luck!
  11. I've only had white spot the one time, and had bn and guppies in the tank.. I used Protozin -- pretty sure it recommends using half dose for scaleless fish. It's a 7 day treatment, and it fixed everyone up with no deaths. Just make sure you take the carbon out of the filter if you have any, otherwise it gets rid of the chemical before it has a chance to do anything. Or you could add salt (amount depends on the size of the tank) and bump the tank temp up to about 30 degrees, make sure you add an airstone though (hotter tank means less oxygen in the water). I haven't had white spot since finding out about this method, but most of what I've read has said that salt is okay to use to treat bristlenose.. as long as you don't go overboard.
  12. Someone has to stay back to keep everything clean .. He never gave up on it!
  13. My transport will already be half cut and watching the cars go round and round the track.. I'll be there in spirit, and put an order in online instead!
  14. That dog's colour isn't blended evenly.. Kill it. .. holy crap, look at its feet. I'm a big believer in natural selection.. can the short bodied forms swim as fast/faster than the normal ones? Some of them look quite awkward bobbing around in the petshop tank.. I would imagine the slower one (whichever it happens to be) would be eaten first.. maybe chuck the fry in with a snappy-sharptooth for a day to make sure the gimpy ones are eaten, and that they have learned how to hide if/when necessary! I'm not keen on the appearance of the ballooned fish, but I accept that some would find them cute/interesting. A smaller version anything is usually cuter than the full-sized version of the same thing.. and many people are drawn to cuteness. Iono, I haven't seen any long finned peps, so it would have to be a genetic mutation or line bred with super culls.. and I would be all over that like a fat kid on cake. I guess it just depends on what boat you're floating in at the time.
  15. I wasn't interested in fish, until I saw peppermint bn :3 Now we both brace our wallets when there's an AoA sale, or we find cheap things around :3 .. we're at around 9 tanks now xD.. Although the removal of the dining table for the 8ft tank was a bit of a discussion.. so he got the 8ft, we ditched the kitchen table and I got a kitten.. haha It's all about compromise!
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