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  1. Hi all, fyi: The Australia New Guinea Fishes Association Victoria (ANGFA Vic) in conjunction with ANGFA Incorporated (ANGFA National), are proud to present the world renowned ANGFA Convention for 2019. This is the largest event focusing on Australian and New Guinea fishes anywhere in the fishkeeping realm. The ANGFA Convention is held every two years and this year it’s in Melbourne! A non-profit organisation, ANGFA’s objectives are to promote the study, conservation and culture of the native freshwater fish species of Australia and New Guinea, and to provide a forum for the exchange of information. Attending an ANGFA Convention is a must for anyone with a keen interest in these fishes and their aquatic habitats, (ideal for scientists, naturalists, fish hobbyists or students with a keen or professional interest in these topics). The convention is a biennial event, miss this one and you will have to wait until 2021! The event will be held over the weekend of October 11-13 at Best Western Airport Motel and Convention Centre Attwood (10 min drive from Melbourne Airport). Key points: Excellent speakers from Australia and Europe (including some of Australia’s leading fish scientists) giving informative and entertaining presentations on a range of topics including: conservation efforts, discovery of new species, field observations, aquarium care, and parasite control. Mega Fish Auction - huge range of Aust/PNG aquarium fish species, native aquatic invertebrates and plants, (including many species that are rarely available in the mainstream aquarium trade). Catered event – lunch, morning & afternoon tea provided. 4 star accommodation available at convention venue, with a discounted rate for bed and buffet breakfast for convention attendees. Convention dinner on Saturday night Opportunity to mingle with fellow fish enthusiasts from all over Australia and from overseas. Attend for either a single day or for the full event. Early bird registration option available – book before end of June and receive a discounted rate! Free car parking is available adjacent to the convention building. Free airport shuttle bus to the venue. Heaps of great raffle prizes, courtesy of our sponsors. For more convention details and to book online, visit: https://www.angfa.org.au/2015-03-05-12-12-58.html regards Glenn
  2. nice fish! Yep Hugo is a male, his "bull-headed" appearance gives it away. cheers!!
  3. They lingered for awhile in the hobby, Bruce Hansen up at Cairns had them going for a number of years, not sure if he still has them. I think the rest would have disappeared fairly quickly. I donated the last of mine for dna testing, from memory they conformed to typical coastal NQ M.adspersa. I found mine were a bit nippy and the novelty of Mogurnda without spots wore off after awhile! I still have a strong interest in wild populations and variations therein of Aussie Mogurnda, I've got about 20 different lineages at home, mostly from FNQ, but also from elsewhere in Oz. Cheers!!
  4. The larger fish is definitely a male, its 2nd dorsal is quite pointed posteriorly (a good indicator). I often sex Mogurnda by looking at their genital papillae, the males have a slender pointed "breeding tube", whereas the females have a blunter breeding tube. I'm guessing your two are both males, but couldn't get a clear enough look. Fyi, I came across similar unspotted gudgeons about 10 years ago, which originated from a fish breeder in FNQ, there's an article in ANGFA's Fishes of Sahul on that fish. Those fish spawned and the fry grew to look exactly like their parents. Interesting that the same mutation should appear in SE Qld. Gunther Schmida also recently had a specimen, from the same source as yours, his was also a male.
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