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  1. Looks Great Ashleigh! Well Done.
  2. Also have an old 4ftx 320x 380 that i was thinking of making sump out off.
  3. Hey all, I've been thinking for a while to plumb 2 3 teir racks (1 4footX18X20 and 1 2x1x1.5) into one system. They have been just running with Sponges. I'm planning to have another of each rack into the system in the future. I'm new to sumps and plumbing and have a couple questions. 1.For the return would 1x 32mm bulkhead in each be enough or 2x25mm bukheads in each be enough? 2. The bottom tanks are 200 mm off the ground so they may not be high enough to have enough space to go into the sump especially the 2 foots? Any other tips or better options would be aprecciated. Cheers Will.
  4. .Hi guys, this question has probably been asked before. I am just wondering what size hole needs to be drilled for a 32mm bulkhead? Thanks Will.
  5. Thank [MENTION=6618]Mitch.0[/MENTION] and [MENTION=1698]trofius[/MENTION] I will try those cheers Will
  6. Hi guys, today i woke up and have discovered that my trio of multies have had there first spawn. What would i feed these guys. any help would be appreciated. Thanks Will
  7. Thanks [MENTION=4580]markfnq[/MENTION] and [MENTION=3737]kasman[/MENTION] i will look into both. cheers Will
  8. Hi guys i saw some where that there is a homemade african cichlid buffer. Does anyone know what is in it and how much is needed? Cheers Will
  9. Nice piece of driftwood you have there really makes a great vocal point
  10. Wow those albino polystigmas look really cool
  11. that firefish looks awesome!
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