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  1. So the I'd is protomelas Mara rocks? Not copadichromis.
  2. Egyptian mouthbrooder (Pseudocrenilabrus multicolor) I think.
  3. I just call them all one name............pain in the a#%e.
  4. Mate I haven't seen any for over a year now, with the 2 or so big floods I would be surprised if there are any left in there. There're doing an upgrade On the spillway atm.
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  6. Hey buddy not sure if this will help in your search but......

    Discus Forums :: View topic - Yay i finally have Gymnogeophagus Balzanii

    He may be able to help


  7. I work for the water unit at the tweed shire council and I have never seen nor heard of worms in the water, to many chemical for anything to live in.
  8. Hi has anyone had any luck with these fish? I must have the same Sydney connection as Grubby I got the same answer of one person, No luck in Victoria either. I've been in contact with Andrew from Labyrinth Aquarium Some good news on some of the others, Betta Macrostoma and Metraclima sp. zebra gold Charo are available.
  9. I've been putting my feelers out in Sydney for Gymnogeophagus balzanii no luck yet.
  10. Here's a few more pics. Thanks Bulldrag76 for the ID.
  11. Hi all these are my new fish I picked up from Sydney recently. The last little fella snuck a ride with the red cap lethrinops, can I get an id on #5. cheers Troy.
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  13. Hi I'm going with either copadichromis borleyi mbenji or copadichromis borleyi mara rocks, And I know copadichromis borleyi mara rocks are hard to get hold of. The pelvic fins look a little short though.
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