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  1. hi i have an empty 5ft tank and am wanting to but a shark in it i was going to go salt but way to much work is there such thing???
  2. hi guys i am about to get my new 6 ft tank and one of the things i want in there is a frsh water eel?? do pet shops sell them? and how can i get one?
  3. hello, I am about to buy a 6ft by 2 by 2, but that's just the tank itself brand new, i was thinking about putting together my own temporary stand to use for about a year, i was thinking because its going in my garage on a flat concrete floor, if i put 3 milkcrates wide, and 7 or 8 milkcrates long, but what i was thinking is are milkcrates strong enough? so what if i stacked bricks and cut thick pieces of wood and put them under the milkcrates but stack them up to the same height , and then put a sheet of pli wood on top and then a sheet on foam? do yous think it would hold? ideas please ahaha ://
  4. Not for sale. Just wanted to see what people thought
  5. IN THIS TANK IS! reddevils green terror texas 2 jack demspheys feather tail catfish peacock 2 plecos 2 blue eye chiclids :) :) :) :) :)
  6. i think its stupid it cost like $75 dollars for the smallest littlw piece of drift wood, i have allways collected mine from places on my own! why is it so expensive for the smallest peice of wood?
  7. any filters? really needing one?
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