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  1. I know Iv read this some where before but I can't find it. Where do you do you take the measurement from? Is it from the mouth to the end of the tail or the centre of the tail?
  2. Thanks for the advise everyone. Donny I think i bought a litre of marine pure and fit most of it into two trays of the small canister. How many balls would you get in a litre.
  3. I am looking at setting up my 40cm cube as a marine tank. I bought this to make it into a planted tank but the wife has her heart set on having a nano reef. I have a small aquel 800 canister filter full of marine pure spheres and was thinking of removing the sponges and running it with the glass lily pipes and a hydor inline heater. There will also be as much live rock as i can fit while still looking good. Would this work, or would it still be a "NITRATE FACTORY"? I can't see this being any different to using Marine Pure in a sump and people seem to love using it in that type of situation.
  4. Im wondering what size tanks with everyone uses for growing out there african fry and how many fish do you have in there? I currently have a 5x1.5x1.5 tank divided in half with just under a 100 lithobates and was thinking it maybe be to heavily stocked and slowing there growth.
  5. I had this 40cm cube built about a year ago but I couldn't decide on what style I wanted to go with with the stand. I have finally got somewhere with the stand and thought I would start a new thread of the build. I have aquariu midikani 800 canister filter full of marine pure spheres, CADE Lilly pipes, hydro 300watt inline heater, soda stream Co2, soleinode and gauges, itsa inline Co2 defuser and a few other things that I have forgotten about. the stand is made of threaded galvanised piping and ply wood. It's not complete yet I still need to screw all the pieces of ply together and fit out the inside. [TABLE=class: colors_descriptionbox, width: 100%] [TR] [TD=width: 1][/TD] [TD=width: 100%][/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] [TABLE=class: colors_descriptionbox, width: 100%] [TR] [TD=width: 1][/TD] [TD=width: 100%][/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE]
  6. No holey Rock but I got the fine calcium carb substrate
  7. I saw a tropheus tank the other day and it was full of val. I was wondering if it would grow in my tang tank with ph (8.8-9) and in Calsium Carbinate substrate?
  8. The new scape. Just put buffer, salts and start right in. It's good to have water in the tank finally. Hopefully fish soon. For those interested I used expanding foam behind the background in the centre where the to pieces join, to stop it splitting open. Seems to have done the trick. I would put a pic up but its on my old phone that died the other day.
  9. Ill try get some tonight but without a light for the tank the pics don't work that well.
  10. So it's been 2 months and multiple attempts at getting the background to work as I want it to but I think I have finally got it to work
  11. The join in the centre is not working. The first attempt split behind the rock pile and when i went looking for a fish i hadn't seen all day i noticed it. I tore the join apart and spent the next day trying to get fish out. I thought the rock must have push the join apart, but i was wrong. Just rejoined it again re scaped the tank way better. Then filled the tank and it was all good. Started to cycle the tank and about a hour later noticed it split even worse. I am now going with the theory that the filters suction must be the culprit. Tank will be completely emptied background torn off and town in the bin tomorrow. Only joking. Im thinking of laying it forward in the tank and filling the centre with expander foam. then reattaching and seeing how it goes. Nothing good every comes easy i guess.
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