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  1. It's the back of the tank. Not a curved section. I don't think I explained it well but I want to put a put a whole new piece inside. I would need to cut a slot in the cross bracing to get it in. I can;t see any way I would be successful in taking off the plastic edging to remove the back panel of glass and replace thus the thought to cover it from the inside? This is the tank sitting on the back broken piece. 3 feet by 2 by 1.5. Might be 7-8 years old?
  2. Hi, My Aqua One started leaking today. A least not my 8 foot I just put into the office wall... Got fish into another tank and have removed all the silicone to reseal. Found this crack. Arrows point left at it (reflection on left with arrows pointing right) The Glass looks kind of crushed and its all grey instead of clear, not just a single crack, yet the plastic on the outside of the tank is not damaged. Should I: 1) seal over it and hope it works 2) seal some glass over the crack and since this is a display tank, get a sheet of glass for the entire back of the tank and seal it into place? Should I silicone this one piece in place then seal the inside? or just get it up tight against the existing glass and then and then run a extra inside to seal it and hold it in place? Thanks Brooke
  3. Thanks Donny. They tend to be somewhat passive though don't they? Would they work in this tank or Is is their sheer size that intimidates?
  4. Thanks guys. Not planning on moving on any survivors, for my own viewing pleasure only. I will reconsider the venustas. Maybe a few blue dolphins instead?? I hope to add all the fish at once, or within a few months of each other at most depending on availability. This way they grow up together and not eat each other, one happy family. LOL
  5. Thanks. Which could cross breed with which?
  6. I’ve kept fish all my life but I’m new to Africans. I recently managed to buy an 8 foot while my long suffering, but patient wife was in Canada. It came with about 110-120 mixed Cichlids. Lost a few in the move home. Once she calmed down I was told I could keep it, but I had to move it to the garage and cut a hole in my office wall to view the tank. So I did. Spent some time making the space work to fit the tank. Called a few mates and moved it. Somewhat surprisingly it fits perfectly! Unfortunately in our haste to drink beer and eat pizza, the tank I was holding the fish in got unplugged and did not get plugged back in. I now have about 35 fish left and a slightly angrier wife. The Tank inside left and right views, - I need more lights, there are lots of rock, but I will add a bit more (sorry for crap pics….)- out in the garage and the survivors. Left Side right Side Out in the garage The Survivors After a few more beers and some choice words I found that I have the following: Various peacocks, 3 Hongi’s m/f 1 flameback, m 2 electric blue f, 2 geo’s, a venustas f. and 5-6 blue dolphins 1m 5 f. 2 loaches and 2 bristlenose. Since I can’t afford full size fish I will buy some fry. After some research it seems the best plan to ensure the fry I buy don’t get killed by the remaining fish is to start again, don’t put the fry in with the remaining fish or they will die. I have another tank the surviving fish can stay in by themselves. I want/need to keep this simple (remember the angry wife!) I don’t want regular or any murders to take place. I want to create a sort of cichlid community tank. What I have learned is that if I keep the colours and body shapes different I MAY be able to keep the peace. My stocking ideas are as follows – nothing fancy or expensive, but lovely and colourful: 8 foot with sump - pics show a side sump, there is also a 3 foot under the tank. So far I can't get both to work at the same time. 25/30 electric yellows 20/25 Electric blues 25/30 mixed peacocks such as German reds OB’s Maleri Gold Dragon Bloods Neon Blues Sunshine Lwanda 5/6 Venustas loaches and bristlenose I was thinking Maingano but it has been suggested they are angry and aggressive so I’m not willing to risk them. Are these good choices to meet my goals? Any other suggestions? Will they also possibly breed without interbreeding and keep my tank stocked down the track? Thanks Brooke
  7. i probably should have mentioned about 60 cichlids in my tank…. And I may be feeding to much. New to cichlids and they always seem hungry. I'll have a go at the Purigen also. It seems like a great product. Thanks
  8. I'm not cleaning the whole tank with water changes. Just need to clean the filter medium as it is getting clogged and water is getting off coloured like it has tannins in it from drift wood or leaves. May be the food I'm using that makes it worse?
  9. Hi, I have an 8 x 2 x 2 foot with a side sump. It does not seem to be big enough to stay on top of things without a clean every 4 days or so. It has bio balls as well as foam and AoA filter mat. I have a 3 foot sump that is not connected. The 3 foot has an overflow box. Could I run BOTH at the same time? Or should I just stick with the 3 foot which is so much larger and I would assume I would not have to clean every 4 days. Thanks Brooke
  10. Sword tails will live in there also. You could probably catch some in the creeks near Harvey Norman in Everton Park along the bike paths. . I had stacks in my pond for years and thats where I got them. Never saw mossie larvae in it so I assume the swords were eating htem. You can age water to remove chlorine if concerned about de-chlorinator for horses. Until I got an 8 foot, I always have done it that way.
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