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  1. All Good now! thanks people for the advice! worked a treat!
  2. Hey everyone. so my parents are looking after my brothers tank while he is away and have taken too much water out during a water change. So the Eheim 2213 has lost its syphon. I am about to go over there to look at it and was hoping someone could give me a quick fix for this as I am not familiar with this filter. Should I just empty the canister, put the intake hose in and suck on the outtake to get the water flowing into the cannister? Or is there another solution that is easier? Cheers for the help!
  3. I bought one of these when i first got into CO2, it worked alright, but it was only about a week and a half before i went and bought a proper setup. So my recommendation would be to save your cash and buy a proper setup. I just bolted a regulator onto a fire extinguisher, total cost was about $90 bucks
  4. Hey everyone, Just looking on some tips for pruning a chain sword. As you can see it is getting a bit out of control, which I dont actually mind the look of at the moment, but not sure how high it will grow. So far i have just been removing the runners that are not growing in the correct places, however can anyone let me know how to reduce the height? Do I just cut back the leaves? Do the cut leaves just die or stay healthy? Any tips would be great.
  5. yeah i thought of doing that, but the problem is the wood is a bit "barky" so it will just peel off if i scrub too hard. It probably wasnt the best purchase just based on the type of the wood, but for $40.00 i cant really bring myself to replace it. I think in the long run it will just be replaced by a big a$$ rock, easier to clear around it and scrub
  6. When I first set up the tank I had a low light 3.5W LED that wasn't growing anything and no CO2 and had no algae issues. So I replaced that with the Up Aqua and pressurised CO2 and now am seeing the Black Beard and green spot algae on some plant leaves. So maybe its just an adjustment period? I cranked up the CO2 thinking it might be too much light and not enough CO2 so am just waiting to see how that goes. Also reduced the photoperiod to 6 hours to see if that does anything. Is my KH too high? I have been using just a CO2 chart as a rough guide of how much is in the tank and it seems to be between 15 and 20ppm, I am concerned about raising the CO2 higher due to the level of the KH now. At the moment it is currently only located on the driftwood so I am just hoping that stays under control in the one area. I thought of getting a SAE but think it will grow too quickly, and think the tank is too small for a fish of that size. Also I figure if I have to move it because it is too big, the algae will just come back.
  7. How many hours did you cut lighting too nafe420, I'm at 8 hours now so I'm worried reducing photoperiod might lead to more algae
  8. Hey, I just want to get some advice on some black beard algae that has started to grow on driftwood in my tank and is starting to spread. The tank is 25Litres and I just want to see if there is something I am not doing that could be preventing this. Water Parameters are as follows PH 7.0-7.2 KH 7 (or 7 drops in the API test) Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrates 25-30 Phosphates 0-0.25 Light is an Up Aqua Pro Z - 10watts LED Running pressurised CO2 at around 1 bubble a second out of the diffuser and around 2-3 a second out of the bubble counter Fish - Harlequin Rasbora, Red Cherry Shrimp and Mystery Snail Plants are: Chain Sword, Rotala, Hairgrass, Thin Val, Myaca Dosing Easy Life Pro Fito 2.5ML every week the day after a water change of around 30% with Seachem Root tabs in ISTA Plant Substrate I have recently upped the CO2 to the stats above as i read it could be caused to low CO2 and high lighting so am not sure if this will stop this from growing. Should I maybe increase the fertliser or perform a mid week dose of trace elements? I also have been having issues with Brown Algae on the glass, but not sure if that is related. Any tips would be great. I dont really want to put in Excel or anything because of the Shrimp and Val. Would Darwin Algae eaters work? I think an SAE will be too big for the tank
  9. Does anyone know of any Submersible LED lights or, LED strips (preferably white) that would fit in a small fish bowl. I was thinking of maybe a flexible LED strip that can be wrapped around the inside of the bowl But if anyone else has any other ideas of how to light up a 20cm fish bowl from the inside would be great!
  10. I have the 30cm version and it has drastically improved my plant growth. I am only growing swords, Rotala and Val but certainly all green and healthy. Even had the swords pearling on some occasions.
  11. I looked into this CO2 system and found that Ebay or paintball cartridges were the cheapest option. just make sure they are threaded I believe. Although in the end a big fat bottle is the cheaper option.
  12. if only you were a bit closer bluebelle :-) really tamiya? that is kind of annoying as that is where I got the bowl and saw a different eiffel tower statue in the home section that was too big that gave me the idea. might have to go back again! any idea of the size? bowl is only 20cm tall
  13. Hey, So I have picked up a Fish bowl to set up as a small shrimp tank for a friend and was looking at creating a carpet effect with moss. The tank will have no light, just natural sunlight or lighting from the house, so I was thinking of using Java Moss. Will this grow with no light? I was going to buy some fly screen or something similar and put the moss between the two and have it cut to the size of the bowl and just let it grow through the holes. Has anyone had any success with this method and can advise of what the best product to use is? Also if anyone can advise anywhere on the northside that would have Java Moss. Has anyone seen it in any stores or know anyone on this side of town who has way too much of it? I was trying to make the tank a "Paris themed" tank as the tank is for someone who has some weird fasination with Paris so was trying to find an Eiffel Tower ornament. I have seen these online in America however no shipping here. Anyone seen these in stores. Alternatively was thinking of something that looks like a Bonsai tree (without having to make it myself - tried that in my tank with not much success) Any help would be great! Thanks
  14. So I am looking at going down the Small sponge filter path and was looking for an air pump to run it. Any suggestions? I was looking at the Bubbilo SP100. Any thoughts on the noise these make? Heard Air pumps can be quite noisy at times. Ideas?
  15. Shrimp! more entertaining than you think!
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