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  1. Thanks Rod, don’t think I could get much more of a “how to” than that. Puddle Pirate has got to be one of the best terms I’ve heard in a while. Don’t suppose you’d know any areas close to Logan that might be worth a shot? I’ve read there’s Empire Gudgeons and glassfish been seen near me but yet to see anything other than carp gudgeons, Platys and mosquito fish myself. Oh and thousands of freshwater shrimp.
  2. Hi, so Im wanting to catch some natives to put in a pond (something I can do with my son to show him a bit of wildlife and get us out of the house) and am wondering if anyone has any pointers on best ways to catch them ( I have a net and a small trap) or any possible good spots on the south side of Brisbane/Logan area - I know its probably a slim chance. I have caught a few Firetail Gudgeons but that seems to be all I can find - would like to find something a bit more interesting. I was actually wondering if Karawatha Forest is a nature reserve or just a "recreational reserve" as the signs say? for now I'm assuming its a no go zone. Any help/tips/pointers would be greatly appreciated
  3. Thanks Tech Den. Appreciate the good advice and gives good perspective. Though I am keen to get them breeding I do agree that finding the whys is more interesting and rewarding in the long run. Sometimes the impatience just starts to creep in lol
  4. Haha nice Tamiya ill keep those tips handy
  5. Hi I'm after any tips anyone has for breeding L202 plecs. I've aquired a reverse trio and am just wondering the best way to go about it. Would I be better separating one of the males and keeping 1 male and female in there own tank? Any tips anyone has in regards to peeping them to breed would be appreciated. Thanks Dan
  6. I actually think the guy I got my l080 mentioned they were ex tech den stock. So these maybe from one of your old pairs. There are just so many to choose lol. Ill definitely have to try and decide on 1 or 2 types to start with and stick with them or I'll get in over my head.
  7. Hi BigPete nice to meet ya. I've been doing a bit of Research and am a fan of L080. Don't seem to be many around at the moment though so also looking at L002. I have plenty of good cave rocks so cover shouldn't be a problem. Ill just have to keep an eye on what's for sale and try to get my stocks up. Thanks again for the welcome.
  8. That is a good way of putting and haha yeah ill have skip that bit. These guys will be my first actual attempt at breeding ( I've had some Julie's breed before in a display tank). Ill just have to be patient and do my research.
  9. 18 months isn't too long. Don't know that the boss will let me get 20 to start with though haha. Ill just have to get 1 here and there when I can find them for sale. The 002 I have now is only about 4-5 cm so got a way to go yet.
  10. Ok cool. Ill look research them. Most likely go with 002 since I have one already. How long do they take to get to breeding age?
  11. Hi I'm just starting with L plecs and was just wondering what types are around which ones people are breeding? I currently have 2 L080 and 1 L002. These are just displays ATM but am interested in future breeding. Which have been the easiest for people to breed? ( don't mind getting a few more types if there are easier to breed than what have) thanks in advance.
  12. And thankyou for the welcome everyone
  13. Of the ones I've seen I think Pekolitia. I have managed to get 2 Young L080. I have them in a display tank and they look great. Oh and a L002
  14. Hi to everyone I've just got back into fish keeping (and new to forums) and am keen to lean more. I've had a couple of africans previously but am getting into the L plecos. Be interesting to see what and how people are keeping them and what types people are breeding a selling of course. Be great to get your help and knowledge.
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