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  1. what sort of fish do you keep?

  2. Don't put your fingers in the tank, they might bite..... Lol sorry just being silly.
  3. My parcel arrived today. I soon put everything in my order to work. Great service & speedy delivery. oh and thank you for the Mentos
  4. I have a few different types of Africans, I have Electric Yellows, Red Zebras, Johanni, Hongi, Peacock, Blue Dolphin, Chipokae. I don't go out of my way to breed them just yet, though have stripped a couple of mouthfuls of Red Zebras and Johanni from the community tanks. I also have BN in Common, Albino, Marble & Peps. I have a L002, a 1 ft Sailfin Pleco, 30cm Gold Spot Pleco. I am looking to add to my keep some long fin bristle nose when I come across some. I have developed a liking to the pleco's though. Nice to meet you.
  5. So how do you tell the difference between males and females?
  6. Thank you for the photo's on this. I have some marbles, commons and Albinos. Would like to get some more as I have only just started out. I did get a batch of peps from Steve yesterday though Looking forward to watching them thrive and grow. Although they don't come out to play much lol
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