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  1. Hmm I know we're your coming from. I guess it depends on how badly they need them. But I digress.
  2. Your going to the wrong lfs mate
  3. I couldn't care ether way to be honest. Just stating the fact it was easier to off load to pet shops rather then sit there all day. And no you can't really set your price because why would a buyer want to pay full price, if it's available for the price everyday of the week.
  4. Personally I would never sell again. I was selling bags of 5X 5cm yellows, demasoni, e.blues, albino afra ect. For $15 a bag. That's $3 a fish! left early because we had something else to attend to, but on the way home I stop a a couple of private pet shops and unloaded and remaining stock for more then what I was asking at the event. I feel as if it's not worth the time or effort for ether market day or auction.
  5. Probably weevils. They just add extra protein lol
  6. Should be able to as I past by after work every day. That is if you don't already have enough hands. Let me know Bob.
  7. Marine pure and chemi pure are my to choices
  8. [MENTION=11663]Asotnorf[/MENTION] can't pm you, it said you have exceeded your message limit. Empty or text me. Thanks
  9. Iv always had resun lp60 /100. Never had a problem. Just bought a airlab 80 a few days ago for a spare of the moment set up. So far so good. But I can't really comment as it's only been running for 3 days.
  10. Iv had some running for almost 2 years no problems.
  11. I have a completely bare tank for my quarantine/hospital tanks
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