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    new to fish keeping,well i did have some about 30yrs ago
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    i.p.s.c shooting,moto x, trials,tropical fish
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  1. hi all my endless have been doing well but for some reason the fry are growing up with a odd shape to them,they look a bit like a small "V" head is high with a v shape towards the tail,why are they growing this shape? thanks mick (sorry i put this thread in the wrong section b4 )
  2. hi all my endless have been doing well but for some reason the fry are growing up with a odd shape to them,they look a bit like a small "V" head is high with a v shape towards the tail,why are they growing this shape? thanks mick
  3. well the cup cake race started last night.... there zooming around the tank like someone just told a fat kid there's free cupcakes if he can find them, lol.
  4. hi all new to keeping shrimps so don't give me a hard time lol I've just started a tank just for the cherry shrimps ive put 12 in there atm,temp set to 25 but yesterday set it to 27 thinking it might be too cold,checked the water and all is good, loads of filtration,live plants etc, when i first put them in they were all over the place having a good look around but for the past few days there just sitting around doing nothing and hardly moving is this normal? any info for a newbie would be a great help thanks mick
  5. hi all well the baby guppies are a live and well,but now there fully grown they dont seem to be breeding,the males keep going up to the female and thats about it,I've got 2 male to 6 females and still no luck,oh well i must have the only 2 gay guppie males in the whole of australia lol
  6. hi all well this might be a dumb one to ask but ive got too many male endlers in my tank and for the love of me i can't catch the little buggers lol.any one got a easy way of doing it? or do i have to take every plant,rock etc out and do a full on ..... i will get you if its the last thing i do ive used 2 nets at a time,i even got a large tube and sat there waiting for them to come close and had a go at sucking them up please help this newbie mick
  7. hi all i came home yesterday to find the temp in my 60lt tank higher due to the hot weather we are having and its not summer yet, what can i do to keep it down to the right temp,ive only got endlers and 2 corys in the tank thanks mick
  8. hi all well ive had the bog wood in for just over 2 wks now and as the days have gone on I've noticed light white mould starting to grow all over it,the fish will not eat it so i took it out this wkend and got the gurny on to it,did i give it some any way its only been back in the tank 2 days now and its coming back:faint: is there any thing i can put on it or wash it in etc that will stop it from coming back? thanks again mick
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  10. hi all atm ive got loads of endler fry and they are doing very well,anyway it was time to give the top filter a clean,its built in the top with some white filter wrapping around the black outlet pipe,first thing i noticed was that there was around 5 small fry in there OMG get a bucket lol, i also noticed that there wasn't any charcoal or anything in there apart from the balls and white wrapping,(second hand tank) should i go out and get some charcoal etc,(i do test the water every wk and it all good) lastly ive put a small filter media bag around the bottom of the filter pipe so the fry dont get sucked up will this effect the filtration system of the tank in anyway?? thanks mick
  11. thanks for the info and offer for the guppies,funny thing is the guppie small fry are doing very well, also my endlers in the other tank are popping fry out all the time and are all doing well,so if the guppie fry die i will put endlers in and keep both tanks going with endless thanks again mick
  12. ok so i go into the local shop and tell him the size of both tanks (60lts) and he said just get 2 corys for each tank,now will the corys just feed on what i give the other fish or do i have to get them some other food,thanks again for the info,
  13. hi all 4 wks ago i got hold of some bog wood from the local shop and he said keep putting it in water until the water is clean then you can put it in your tank and it will be safe,its turn a darker brown but not very dark,well every time i change the water i notice that the wood feels like it has slime on it,so i hose it off every time and it feels fine only to find the slim on it again next time...is this ok to use and is this normal thanks again mick
  14. hi all up date of whats been going on,well the last of the adult guppies died today...but all 6 fry seem to be ok,there feeding well and diving around nice and happy,why have all my adults died???? as i said all the tests are in there limits loads of plants less feeding now,i dont want to buy any more if there going to die,any one got any idea?? mick
  15. thanks for the info but petcity is too far to go,but thanks anyway mick
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