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  1. Problem:- In the last few days, we've noticed that the fish in question had what looked like a sore on his belly where it's swollen. To me it almost looks like a skin ulcer. Thing is, I've been googling around and any of the skin diseases supposed to affect tetras or cause similar lesions cause other symptoms like behavioural ones, clumping of fins, swimming issues etc, of which this fish has none. Apart from the lesion, the fish is behaving, swimming, eating and interacting normally. The fish in question has always had a slightly swollen belly, we just figured that he's just a funny shape. We've recently (1 a week ago, 1 a couple of months before that) lost 2 tetras, but nothing seemed to be happening to the others, so we put it down to the female cichlid being a feisty little *****, as she has been laying recently. None of the other tetras seem to be affected. Ph:- 7ish, maybe slightly above. Little higher than I usually try to run it (trying to keep around 6.6 ish) Ammonia:-unknown Nitrate:- unknown Nitrite:- unknown Gh:- unknown Kh:- unknown Size of tank:- 58L Temperature °C:- 26C Been running for:- 6ish months Filtration:-Canister/Sump/Internal Filter/Sponge:- Internal filter with sponge and ceramic noodles Fish in tank:- Apistogramma Cacatuoides M & F pair, Longfin Albino Bristlenose, 4 X Cardinal Tetras Plants in Tank:- Val, crypts, anubia, chain swords Feeding:- Algae wafer (1/w), Spectrum Betta Pellets (to get rid of them - very small pinch daily), Cichlid flake (small pinch daily) Recent Medication Treatments:- None Last water change:- 1 week ago Water change: weekly to fortnightly
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  3. I think that his intended tank mates will make quick work of him. Either that or he'll continue to ninja about in the driftwood somewhere. Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 4 Beta
  4. Ok, so we have settled on a setup, I think. Any thoughts or suggestions would be very welcomed. This is our tank, but with a heater. Pair (M+F) Dwarf Cockatoo Cichlids 1 X Albino Longfin Bristlenose 6 X Cardinal Tetras 1 X Ninja Shrimp
  5. So I get a text from SWMBO at work today. "There is a shrimp in our tank" This is the tank that has been cycling for the last 2 weeks after our Betta investigated the inner workings of our pump motor. Huge ammonia spike (minced betta will do that), corresponding huge nitrite spike, no food or anything going into it. There is indeed a shrimp in the tank... Never bought any shrimp. Must have hitched a ride in on the live driftwood we bought a month ago. As an egg I am guessing? How long does it take for the eggs to hatch? I'm surprised that I haven't seen him up to this point. Or that the betta didn't munch him. Or that the cycling tank didn't agent-orange him. That is one tough bugger of a shrimp... Anyone had this happen before?
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  8. Dunno. I'm not really set on anything in particular. I just thought the shrimp looked cool and would be a bit different to what you see in the average aquarium. Even though it's much bigger, a usd catfish wouldn't have a go at the shrimp would it? Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 4 Beta
  9. I know :-(. They say that animals become like their owners, so any shark I owned wouldn't stand a chance in that regard. I figured that'd be the case, but would it be possible for them to exist in a homeostasis with them (ie they get eaten at about the same rate they breed), or are they just going to get wiped out? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  10. Switch hands and buy a better lotion... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  11. Hey there guys, Hopefully this is in the right section. Was tossing up between here and general aquarium chat. Anyway, after the abrupt departure of our betta, who wanted a closer look at the inside of the filter pump, we have decided to set up our tank as a community instead. It's only a small tank, by you guys' standards, and though there are some unreal bargains on this forum (must... Resist...), we've decided that while we're still learning about keeping fish, we'll stick with a smaller tank. Also, since we are only renting, we think just a small tank would be a good idea for now too. So we've got a 2x1x1, 54 liter tropical freshwater setup. 50W heater, 15W light, bio filter (which has freshly been retrofitted with fly screen to cover the apparently large enough power head output opening). Got the bottom about 1-2 inch deep with Coffs harbor gravel and a few bunches of live plants in it. Some vas and green milfoil which are going nuts, a piece of driftwood with an established broad leafed plant attached which is holding its own, and some small plant (chain sword?) that puts out runners which seems to be undecided as to whether it wants to live or not. We've already had a crop of some red leafed thing die pretty quick. The tank is currently cycling out all the excess ammonia that a minced fighter put into it. From memory it was at 0.5 ppm ammonia and 1 ppm nitrite with no nitrate on saturday before I did a 50% water change. It was fully cycled before, so we're expecting the water to be fish ready in a week or so. Fingers crossed. So, rambling aside, I have absolutely no idea what to stick in this thing. Our amazing saleswoman down at pet city has been lovely walking us through the aquarium section, but it's just so hard to take it all in, and hard to get some straight info about what will fit the tank. We want the tank to be colorful and lively, apart from that, no real stipulations. Things that our lovely saleswoman showed us as possibilities: - rainbow shark (however after a bit of research, I think its going to get a bit big for the tank, which devastates me because I want a shark!) - balloon Molly's (was thinking of getting one male and a few females). There are some really nicely colored ones at PC at the moment. - upside down catfish (because they crack me up) - otos (again, they just look funny) - harlequin rasboras (pretty) - cardinal tetras (likewise) - cherry shrimp The plan we'd sort of come up with was the rainbow with a few Molly's and a usd catfish or something. But Mr Google seems to have shot down my hopes of the shark. And the more I googled, the more confused I became until I decided to just shut my web browser and play Xbox instead. So I'm putting it to the floor: Give me some ideas people! Otherwise I'll just run through the aquarium section blindfolded and point at things and hope it works out. Cheers for the help guys Lobby Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  12. hey i know its a lil off topic but do you have any special pharmaceuticals for recreational activitys lol.. jks but welcome to the site. i only got my first fish tank a few months back now i got a cpl and plenty of fish.. i got some african cichlids to trade for the right chems lol..

  13. Hello all, I'm Lobsta, or Lobby. I'm a pharmacist from the Carina area. SWMBO and I recently bought our first aquarium, a 2 foot, 54L tropical setup. Small, I know, but we're renting and don't went to get anything bigger until we know what size/shape room we have to fit it in. At first we had just a single betta in there, with the idea of adding a few tank mates in a little bit. He got a small columnaris infection pretty early on in the piece which we treated and got him all better. Then the suicidal thing decided to swim into the outlet of the filter pump and shred himself. So now we're looking at setting up a small community, and have been referred to this forum by our lovely go-to saleswoman at Pet City. I apologize for the stupid questions that I will likely ask of you guys. As retribution for the stupid questions, I am happy to answer anybody's pharmacy related questions, either by PM or in a thread. Lobby
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