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  1. Hi I'm after l002 and l168 if you still have them.cameron

  2. If you still have him in early new year I'll take him for sure I'll pay shipping.just text to let me know mate.0429880951 .Also looking for l080 pairs.Cameron

  3. Hi please let me know when you have young or adults of l080 avalible.Cameron

  4. L134 female what price are you looking for.also I'm in cairns qld

  5. Hi I'll take your l002 if you still have them I'm in cairns so need shipping please let me know.

  6. Hi I'll take your l002 I live in cairns so I will pay shipping cost.

  7. Hi do you have any female l168 at all.Cameron

  8. Hi are your l002 still avalible I'm in cairns qld

  9. I'll buy the l002 I'm in cairns and will pay shipping . Please let me know when and how to pay.Cameron

  10. Please let me know if the l002 are avalible .cameron

  11. Hi do you still have l002?

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