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  1. "We are the men with tools, and we do jobs for other "not for profit" organizations in our area" Oh my Gawd!!! Where are you located [MENTION=17413]Shed100[/MENTION] ?? Please help me, I have been trying to run a similar type of organisation for women. Mine is called "She'd" I would have had a figure in the title but anything less than 3000 sounds like flimsy white goods. We are also a "not for profit" organisation. All of our aquariums have been donated but unfortunately they consist of bain maries, slow cookers and NON STICK (!!!) pots and pans. I would love a few of these car window tanks if you could bang them together for us? Sadly, all of our 'aquarium' inhabitants keep ending up in a paella, bisque or mornay Sorry [MENTION=204]mbunamad[/MENTION] , I couldn't wait until 2017
  2. [MENTION=204]mbunamad[/MENTION] ...And that's it for another 2 years. Stay tuned. By the way, the song is 'Ballroom Blitz', I can't imagine how much that's been bugging you.
  3. Hi [MENTION=16756]Taielia[/MENTION], Frontosa require time and patience, both of which you seem to be lacking. Your attitude is off-putting and I wouldn't be surprised if this is why you haven't received more valuable input on your thread. You have some nice Burundi but keep an eye on the one in the second pic on the far left, its bars should straighten out as it grows but are not as clean as a breeder would look for. Driftwood is also not ideal in an African tank and especially not with Tangs. In regards to the questions you have asked, keep your PH around 8-8.4, coral sand is a good substrate and buffer. Feed NLS Thera +A, brine shrimp and then krill once they've grown, fresh Australian prawns chopped up and the occasional dose of peas and algae wafers to clean them out and prevent bloat.
  4. I reckon he's a cross from that damned mask, the shape's fine and even the upper bar over the eye but I just don't think he's quite right
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