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  1. Hey Butch, I heard you had coral sand?? Where are you located, very interested.

  2. Hey mate I saw your post about your Callo Pleuros, I have a large (8-10cm) male and 3 smaller females and I just can't get them to breed. Do you have any tips? What are your parameters in that tank?

    Any help greatly appreciated :)


  3. well he might soon be mine! [MENTION=4899]Yodapwnsasmurf[/MENTION]
  4. the daffs are already taken! [MENTION=4899]Yodapwnsasmurf[/MENTION]
  5. any definite males mate?

  6. I have whiptails but adult about a couple of yrs old if you're interested.

  7. I have whiptails but adult about a yr old if you're interested.

  8. Hi everyone, I have just found a batch of about 20 fry from my common bristlenose and i was wondering if there was anything i needed to do, like how often should i do water changes and things like that. Also i saw an albino fry, is this common for this to happen?
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