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  1. Doctor who forums, the misses would love it. If only I was to tell her ;-)
  2. Go Maine I recently just setup a 3 foot marie only a few months in and I want A bigger one haha
  3. Hey Mate your inbox is full, are you still interested in those ikolas for

    180? Thanks

  4. Price on a 6x2x2 stand to suit tank please, are stands able to fit a sump underneath? Thanks
  5. Would also be interested in a stand and tank. Also can you drill holes in tanks? Thanks
  6. As In regular servicing you will only need to get a frigie out once or twice a year max I would think, you of course can Clean the filters on a regular basis to help it. But pullin the air con completely apart can get a little tricky.
  7. Split system air con all the way. Get top of the line Mitsubishi electric, should not have any problems With one of those. Also for everyone who uses air cons in fish rooms make sure you get them serviced as they become Full of mould and bad bacteria. Which after a while you are just putting it straight into the air which can't be good for the fishies
  8. Your inbox is full. Thanks mate
  9. Yeah it has just Happened to me Aswell, got over fresh water started my first Marine setup, now I am selling all my freshwater stuff for an even bigger marine setup. It does cost a bit to get into but I found my first complete marine setup on here for 450 which I think is pretty good. Keep your eye out for something similar. Once you go marine you won't go back ;-p
  10. Where can I get one? ;-)
  11. Ok thanks for that and where did you get this product from?
  12. I have noticed today that there are leeches in my outdoor cherry shrimp tank. The tank is fairly full of plants and alot of cherrys. Im guessing they were introduced with some plants I bought at the last auction I went to? Is there any thing I can do about it? I'm Not so worried about losing all the shrimp even Tho there would be couple hundred easily, but I don't want to have to throw away the Anubis plants I have in there. It would be good if there was something that would only kill the leeches and I could keep everything but starting to think there is slim chance? Anyone have any ideas. Was thinking of putting some Freshwater salt in the tank? Thanks
  13. Yeah I would go eheim 2213 or maybe 2215 if going to go a bigger tank soon.
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