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  1. Also being a auction you can't go and inspect every bag of fish before bidding and therefore you might not get the quality you are hoping for. I bought some fish a few auctions back that were said to be X (which they were) but totally different quality to which I was expecting as different breeders might pick different genetic traits for their fish.
  2. I think it would be a good idea as someone like myself or someone just getting into the hobby doesn't always know the type of fish being auctioned. Although it would probably be a good idea to research what you want to buy before a auction, something might come up that you didn't know you want and if there isn't a picture the seller and buyers both miss out.
  3. Does age of aquariums have any in stock at the moment? looking to grab a few pieces for new tank.
  4. There is a guy on ebay that sells them. I've just bought one and I have bought one before. Pretty cheap too around $5. Think he is in WA. Microworms that is
  5. HMM.. Well I purchased the filter the other day and sponge set to suit. Now he sends me the money back and tells me the one he had in stock was 'stolen' & that he could order me in another one... but the price has gone up. Hes not getting my business now after hes done that. I thought that maybe he should of honored it because he said 1 in stock advertised on their website as $628.95. So time to start looking again, what are the common problems you came across with the 2080?
  6. No but i bought some separate. I have some Macropore but have never used it, whats the benefit? Water polishing?
  7. Definitely going with the Marine pure spheres, just don't know if i should be putting anything else in there. The tank won't be heavily stocked.
  8. Its the Eheim 2080. You guys don't seem to stock Eheim anymore?
  9. What filter media would you guys rank as the best and why? I've got a new filter coming and need to fill it up.
  10. Hi all Just wondering where everyone else has been to get a custom made tank and stand and if they found the quality of their work lived up to their standards. Im looking to get a Quote for a 6x2x2 With Starfire front and side. Then a quote with just the front in starfire. Cheers, Jake
  11. I caught one of these the other day! Thanks helped me ID it
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  13. I didn't attend this auction, but I've been to a few and wasted time as nothing I wanted turned up.. that's an auction i suppose. But would of been nice knowing if I should of turned up or not with a rough idea of what was going to be sold on the night.
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