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  1. Just buy a tank divider for $17-$20 from pet city. Comes with suction cups too.
  2. Try exotic fish connection. Personally I just go to the foreshores to collect my rocks. Usually red rocks.
  3. Have you got a link to the satellite box on ebay
  4. Dude, I just made a two twie setup. Cost was $52 for he steel. 40mm box by 2mm. With a 2 foot wide tank use this setup. 4x 1 meters for the legs 4x 1.25 for beams 6x 520mm for cross beams. Takes about 1 hour weld. Leave 20 cm from the floor to the bottom tank for cleaning.
  5. guys, I new to all this shipping thingy and have rung a few places includding AAE. with this cold weater can anyone advise where i can get heat pads and how many i need to place in a box. It's funny how fish will travel like perishable items. airport to airport in 24 hours. thanks
  6. naaa it's actuall 4x2x18. 10mm base and 6 mm all round.
  7. I'm looking at going back into fishtanks but with only 2 4 foot divided by 2. There are tanks on ebay for $85 for 1200x460x460 . Are these any good. Maryannse tanks are $160 for the same thing. These are new tanks
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