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  1. yeah love the show. Would like to see some of the ponds in 12/18 months after all the vegetation and stuff has fully grown in.
  2. Can you post a link mate please. I can't find it.
  3. It was postponed mate. Well hopefully lol
  4. Yeah cool can't wait to see it all up n running. I've always had a soft spot for natives.
  5. Yeah na sorry mate still doesn't make any sense to me why people would do it. I'm sure they could go into a holding tank or something like that instead of on concrete or an empty bucket I might even have a couple of tanks here I could spare. I just don't see why you would want to stress your fish out just for some happy snaps wether there display, breeding stock or being sold. [MENTION=7637]yellows[/MENTION] I know why people do I just don't know why it's needed.
  6. Why don't you choose a species your passionate about and start there. On another note what is it with people taking pics of their fish out of water???
  7. That sux. Could you keep us updated on the next 1 please....
  8. ..Hi guys, Just want to know if anyone uses Up Aqua Shrimp Sand. I've looked around and it has some mixed reviews. I have it in one of my tanks and it seems to be ok but still early days I think. Just want to get everyone's experiences if any.
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