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  1. Had tanks set up for aleast 4 yers never used to get it and havent changed anything. It only electric yellows that getting it, and has only really stsrted happening the last 6 months
  2. Why am I randonly getting pop eye in my electric yellows. It happens in any tank that i have and is just random. Dont get an out break just one at time randomly Any advice greatfully recieved. Thank you
  3. hay mate abit late on the reply but hay never mind. have ya googled overfow systems? youtube has lots to choose from. ive been using one for a few months now for my 3 high breeding tanks, top flows to the middle then middle flows to the bottom and a pump in the tank pumps it bak to the top, round and round it goes, and once a month i drain the top, middle and bottom water change, then refill the bottom which in turn starts the cycle again. Now the problems: I used wot they said in the vids using that white pipe, found it to big and clumsy, went to bunnings and bort the black irggation pipe and fittings, only a fraction of the price. wen fitting all together make sure u put each fitting in boiling water to soften the pipe, push on and use the clips and clip as tight as possible.I used the 15 mil pipe/fittings, other prob i get is air locks so in the process of putting airline oneway valves on each high spot to rid that, 4.5mil hole and bump in valve with some aqurium silcon to seal it. abit of mozzy mesh on the top of the sytsm that is in the water to stop fish getting trapped down the pipe, i no as i lost one of my best females down there and wondered why the system wasnt working, gggrrrr. anyway just e mail me wr116y@hotmail.com if ya still stuck on wot ive said lol and maybe we can orgainse a time for u to come round and have a look
  4. hi everyone i have bought an egg tumbler and using it with some success. I have noticed that i loose a lot of eggs, dieing going furry, is this normal?, does the female chilid holding them just spit the dead ones out. I'm letting them "bounce" only the smallest amount thinking they wouldn't be bouncing all round the mouth, just rolling round.I strip the female a few days after i find she has them in her mouth, and over the next 2 weeks in the tumbler i gradually loose sometimes about harlf of the starting total by the time they are big enough to release. i have between 60 to 100 eggs at a time form to females. Maybe is it to many in the tumbler? can someone shed any light on the subject. thank you in advance
  5. Mate got some perspex from bunnings and some strong glue, gorrila grip glue is good cut into strips. Get a piece of wood long er than the tank, a spcer, and peg of some decription. Peg wood spcer and strip together, run glue along plastic strip edge wait 1 minute til glue is tacky then fit to tank leave ovr nite. Remove peg wood and spacer. Shood be good to go. Done this to all my tanks good az mate
  6. How bout a bloody big bin liner lol. Sorry just had to write that. Serious now, how big is the pool wot make is the pool how much is cheap? The chinese ones and there aussie ones, we got told wen we replaced ours to get aussie as they are doubles seamed. Prob best bet is to ring pool shops or give the pool brand a google to find an agent Hope this helps
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  8. maybe a last resort, if ya bit of a handy man. u mite be able to pull out the whole lighting system and replace with leds. i by mine off e bay in 5 metre lenghts, and get a transformer from e bay, then cut to size of the inside of the fitting, solder the ends with wire to make the bend easier and tighter. repeat to use the whole 5 metres. maybe add a metre of blue to give a slight blue look to ya tank. then glue the whole lot up inside the fitting with no nails, (from bunnings), it does get warm but not hot to worry bout. u can buy wire and solder and solder iron from jaycar o the disclamer now.... get a qulified electrian to rerwire think that keeps my arse out of being in the **** with legal stuff
  9. Nop no answer on Mobil haven't herd nout ... Maybe we have to be telepathic who nos mmmmmmmmmmmm damn it that telepathic **** just not wotking . OK OK maybe I have to pull the string tight between the cups lol lol
  10. can anyone tell me the difference between the aquarium rock salt and a sack of good ol rock salt that has none of the extra stuff ya get in normal salt. i use it in my tanks, a desert spoon every 20 litre bucket. I change about 800 litres between all my tanks. By the way i dont carry 40 buckets round the house, I have one of those 1000 litre white square tanks, bort from Honey downunder $100 delievered all cleaned, hooked up to a reconed grey water pump hooked up a hose and fill the tanks. And getting water out unhook hose from pump and it drains back out into the garden, great for weeds o and the grass lol cheers Riterover
  11. well there ya go problem solved. how easy was that. just maybe Aquaholics could reply to there e mails then instead of me writing a long drawn out story for a simple question. hello Aquaholics how the devil are you/ so can you answer my question then, u've teased me long enough the suspence is killing me to no the difference between the two foods. Go on give it to me please o please lol
  12. na mate i mean aquamunch them selves. google them up cheers for the reply tho
  13. Ok simple question.... wot the difference between aquamash african attack and cichlid bites. As they say they both food for cichlids. But....wait for it........they have different prices and have different ratios of ingredients. Now is it a taste thing maybe??? don't no if fish have taste bud, mine eat anything by the way. Or is there something that makes them look more sexy in the water. Or is one type for Americans and the other for africans. I have sent them this question and have no reply and have tried phoning, phone disconnected, but they selling on internet, Would i get my food if, no reply and phone disconnected, mmm don't no i ask myself. Ok ok maybe they don't want my biss, or was i asking a dum question,or or maybe they just playing games with me lol, teasing me along ya how some people do????? So can anyone help out there in the wild wild world of fish and feeding. And hay quiet happy to buy off the advertisers but have trouble with phone out in woop woop land building stuff for the ozzie economy or yer and the government coffers cheers from someone nearly bald from scatching his head lol
  14. And wot u mean dont breed or procreate???? By the way Ipswich is spelt Ipswich without a"t"
  15. i have just bought this fish on weekend as i have 3 females, wot breed is it by the way, and he looks rather sick. all he does is sit on bottom and when he does get off the bottom he just drags his tale and doesnt swim normally. i think the girls are keen but he doesnt seem to get up and swim normally. Is he on borrowed time and only a matter of time til he goes belly up. surly it carnt be the water that done this to him. Any ideas wot could be wrong with him. I thank u in advance. woops the picture is side on to those who hadnt noticed, sorry
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