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    New tank and deciding what to do???
  1. Do you have any pics of where you jointed the timber together? Cheers Muzz
  2. You could supplement the diet with frozen prawns, which are a main food source for small jacks. Muzz
  3. Have you been putting aquarium salt in the tank?
  4. Thanks for the replies. I will get some distilled/de-ionised water from work and run some tests over the next week.
  5. Problem:- High pH, Gh and Kh. I understand that the Paradise Industries gravel is going to bump up the pH, I have tried to overcome this with the timber I have in the tank. The tank has a CO2 system however I can't seem to get an accurate measurement of the CO2 level as the high pH level is corrupting the indicator. At the moment I'm running 2-3 bubble per second to be safe. Question is how can I bring down the KH and GH in the tank, apart from doing dailey water changes? Using API kits: Ph:-7.8 Ammonia:- 0 Nitrate:- 10-20ppm Nitrite:- 0 Gh:- approximately 160ppm Kh:- approximately 160ppm Size of tank:- 300lt Temperature °C:- 26-28 Been running for:- Three months since change of gravel a mix of Fluval plant gravel and Paradise Industries dark gravel. 2 years in total. Filtration:- FX5, Marine Pure Spheres and noodle as media. Fish in tank:- 2 x Butterfly Rams, 2 x Blue Rams, 10 x Cardinal Tetras, 10 x Bloodfin Tetras, 10 x Rummy Nose Tetras, 6 x Rosey Tetras? 10 x Corys, 2 x Bristlenose Plants in Tank:- Amazon Sword, Java, Anubias, Spiral Vail, mini grass and crypts Feeding:- A mix of frozen blood worms- brine shrimp once every few days, a mix of Ocean Nutrition Community Flakes, Ocean Nutrition Community Pellets and Spectrum Thera twice a day. Recent Medication Treatments:- none. Last water change:- 22 Nov 13 about to do one after posting this thread. Water change weekly to fortnightly, no longer than a fortnight.
  6. Hi, Looking at getting info on how to sex these L's, what are key signs for difference in sex? L134 L066
  7. Thanks for the feedback. Bidkev thats a great idea thinking outside of the box, cheers for that. Ventus I sold the six footer last weekend and as far as water changes go I run a hose from the tank to the backyard and to refill I run it directly from the tap through a filter.
  8. I forgot to add that I don't have any spare buckets.
  9. As the title suggests I will be turning off my FX5 for around 24hrs to refurbish my tank, including painting the rear wall. Question is; will the bacteria in the filter survive this long without water flow? Cheers, Muzz
  10. I like the idea of have no mech stuff in the tank, i.e, heaters and stuff
  11. Hi Gurus, The planning stage for the new tank (5x2x31h) is almost complete before I start spending the bucks apart from one aspect. Filtration. It will be a heavily planted tank with small fish, tetra's, rams, cory's and L pleco's. At the moment I'm tossing up between re-using my FX5 or going for a sump. I fully aware of issues that a lot of people have been having with their FX5's, however I want to hear about the disadvantages of sumps? Cheers Muzz
  12. So I've got another tank coming in a few weeks It will be an aquascape tank. The background will be dark blue or gray with river sand substrate an a dark timber stand and hood. I am wondering if people generally use vinyl or paint rear wall of their tanks? What is your preference and why? Muzz
  13. That makes sense, Cheers for your input. It would be good if someone could elaborate some more.
  14. Ok cool, cheers for the reply.
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