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  1. As the cooler temps are getting closer just wondering what brands of heaters people are using and recommend. My system is around 3000lt. I'm leaning towards a schego any advice would be great.
  2. Have you considered looking at any types of geophagus
  3. If it was me I'd be putting inlets to all tanks not feeding the bottom racks with second hand water.
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  5. I have installed a filler valve from a toilet cistern on my sump which tops up straight from my rain water tank it takes about 10lts of evaporation for it to kick in but but that is still well and truely in my min&max level.
  6. Can't help you out, but very keen to see where this goes. Best of luck
  7. I got one a few weeks ago cleaned it out and yet to lose a fish, you should be fine.
  8. A marine pure ball, mine just pick them up and carry them round the tank, I'd probably only do it if you have substrate in your tank there not heavy but I'd worry they'd drop one from the top and crack the base
  9. I have the inlet coming straight off the return feed from my sump pump so I shouldn't get anything coming through but I have got a spare filter sock I'll throw it on as it won't hurt. Thanks buckshot
  10. Yeah it's tumbling well I put two 50mm round air stones in on one side at the bottom I'll try and post a video. Pretty happy with the end result
  11. My 45lt k1 filter holds 10lts of k1 just need to get another 300 cap for a lid and its complete:hail:
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