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  1. New fry rack starting to take shape this weekend:
  2. I managed to squeeze in another 5ft now that the old sumps have been moved on. Getting the standard automation treatment :-) Now to finish off the fry rack and I'm pretty well done.
  3. Still no time for an update on the room itself, but I did unbox a new colony earlier today https://youtu.be/HSP5_hG8m40
  4. Hi all - apologies for the lack of updates. I have been kinda busy with work and family (lucky I have a techy, low maintenance fish room that almost looks after itself). The room is going fantastic. Most tanks are now full with various Tropheus species, the auto-water changes are working without fail, the fish are breeding well (a testament to weekly 40% water changes) and I'm finding that I'm needing to squeeze in a few more fry tanks to accommodate varying fry stages. All in all a capital investment on technology that I do not regret. Room is not fully complete and I'm not sure it ever will be (like most fish rooms I'd imagine). Still some wiring and Led lighting to tidy up and a few more GPO's to install and then I can finally sheet the outer walls with ply. To date the inner fibro and copious amounts of bulk insulation keep everything at a pleasant 25 (even when it is 45 outside). No promises, but I'll try upload some recent photos or a video once I have a chance to clean the room up a little and get the appropriate amount of free time. Cheers once again for the positive comments. Jacob
  5. Hi there - I currently have F1 Kalambo fry growing out. Should be ready in a few months.

    How many are you chasing?



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    2. mcfry40


      Hi jacob

      jas here , I was just wanted to kno how long until the kalambo will be ready going to set up a grow out tank for them.  3 cm will be fine thanx again. Mcfry



    3. jcumpstay


      another 3 weeks to be on the safe side. would hate to sell them to you too small.

    4. mcfry40


      Thanx Jacob will take 10 if you have that many, setting up a grow out tank for them next week . Got it of gumtree

      Thanx jas

  6. Bump Sent from my SGP771 using Tapatalk
  7. Who is best to contact about getting cabinetry for tank stand made up these days? Brisbane. Thanks.
  8. Hrrm. Looks like maybe photobucket or QLDAF has changed some of their share settings .... doh! Sent from my Nexus 9 using Tapatalk
  9. Jim has a breeding colony in Sydney Sent from my Nexus 9 using Tapatalk
  10. Hopefully working now Sent from my Nexus 9 using Tapatalk
  11. Commissioned another fry tank with auto water change setup last night. Air driven poret foam as filter. low maintenance and perfect for small fry. Can't get photos to show for some reason....
  12. I like to have easy access to all the APEX gear so I have mounted the power boards to moisture proof boards on the wall. They aren't water proof, but given that my A/C controls the humidity in the room to a set %, I'm not worried about current placement :-)
  13. Filling one of the lower tanks via automated solenoid valves
  14. Quick video of my Wild Caught Tropheus Kalambo taking residence in one of the top 5x2x20 tanks
  15. Thanks again John and Pete - 1 day delivery for a 20kg+ order. Keeping my fishroom humming ;-)
  16. Sunday was new tank day at my place. everyone loves new tank day! Another four 5x2x20 tanks added to complete the rack. Now to pack the side sumps with media and wire up the pumps and fill/drain valves. Then FISH :-)
  17. Quick update - I found a few minutes on the weekend and was able to tidy up some of the Apex EB6 wiring. The controllable relays control the drain and fill valves on each tank as well as the sump pumps. I also calibrated my pH probes (Finally!) and while I haven't taken any photos yet, I installed an air pump on my water change tank to keep it nice and fresh. Next step - Install more tanks. Oh and a few new inhabitants made their way into one of the lower tanks :-)
  18. Plenty of updates just no time for clean up, pics or detailed posts. Next update will likely be once all 5ft tanks are installed. Hopefully within the next month. Sent from my Mi-4c using Tapatalk
  19. I noticed that "Aquasonic" wasn't listed as one of the brands in the "brands" dropdown on the new website. Might help to add it ;-)
  20. I see that Seachem has been added to the new site which is nice, however the old fave Aquasonic buffers seem to have disappeared. Are you no longer stocking this brand? EDIT: My bad, I just couldn't find it on the new website
  21. Anyone taking advantage of what may be the last of the imports from Germany? Meng(Keysborough), Grant Parkes (ACE Forums), Lloyd Ashton Frontosa? My understanding is that the new import laws are still likely to be imposed as of 1 March this year so I'm assuming that these will be the last lot of imports from Germany prior...Who knows what will happen post 1 March...
  22. Wondering if anyone is taking advantage on what may be some of the last imports of Tangs and Malawi species via either Grant Parkes, Men or Lloyd Ashton Frontosa?? All due in the next few weeks. Sent from my HTC_0P6B using Tapatalk
  23. Found a very small amount of time which enabled my first fry tank to be setup. Just awaiting my central air line to be finished now. Sent from my Nexus 9 using Tapatalk
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