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  1. I wish Ocean Nutrition cichlid omni pellets came in a large size- the medium is ok for my smaller cichlids, but my big oscars, rivulatus and bocourti just ignore smaller pellets (<4mm usually). I'm thinking I will see if I can get a larger floating pellet (5-8mm in size) and a smaller, sinking pellet (3-5mm in size) for the others. I tried for ages to get them onto the thera A, including fasting them/refusing to offer anything else- even when they were begging for food, they'd grab the thera A, then immediately spit it out. After trying for ages with teh 600g container I just gave up. Never had them refuse any other food so I thought it was a bit weird. Thoughts on Sera granular food sticks, for large fish?
  2. Hey guys, I'm just considering buying a 1.8kg tub of New Era, but just wanting a bit of input from people who have used it if possible. Has anyone had any palatability issues with their fish, particularly feeding the Central/South American pellets? The reason I ask is I tried the NLS thera A jumbo pellets with my Americans and they wouldn't touch it at all so that was wasted. I know there is never any guarantee, just curious how most fish find it thats all Also, if anyone has the 4mm or 6mm American Cichlid pellets, are you able to tell me roughly how long the cylinder shaped pellets are? just trying to figure out which size I need to get thats all. I have some fully grown Americans (Oscars, Bocourti, Rivulatus), and some smaller guys e.g. Blue Eyed Cichlid, Electric Blue Acaras.
  3. I got my Bocourti about a year ago, I haven't been to Rocklea for a while so I have no idea if Kevin has any more. My 4 electric blues are doing very well, they are in with much bigger fish but fortunately my large Americans are very laid back/placid. Normally any juvie fish I get grow as if they're on steroids (good food and water quality), but these guys are still quite small. Depending on the light, they sometimes look greenish, but usually they look a bright neon blue. They are quite nice fish, regardless of what they are I like them. These are pretty crap photos taken on my phone with the fish tank lights off. But you get the idea.
  4. I got my two bocourti from Kevin at Rocklea/exotic fish connections
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  6. A while ago when I was buying spotted silver dollars, Kevin over at Rocklea had some red hooks but that was quite a few months ago. Worth asking him though. If I have the wrong species, sorry and just ignore me!
  7. I'll just keep feeding these four up and see how they turn out. If they don't reach the size of an acara I cannot keep them long term though, my aim was to move them in with my other americans when they are big enough. At this growth rate it would seemingly be years though :/
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  9. This isn't my photo, but when the three new ones went in, the larger original one had some dark bars across its face especially between its eyes like this (not my picture) I honestly dont know what they are, I bought them because I was curious
  10. Crap photos taken at night, no lights on this tank. They look bronze in these photos, but the colour is more like the blue on their faces.
  11. I somehow didn't even notice people had been posting on here again! I ended up buying 4 of these guys, as I got a pretty good price on them (was working in a store that had some in stock, so got a better price). My experience so far is that they are insanely grow slowers. Even on hikari/spectrum/bloodworms, frequent water changes and enough space. All of my other fish, cichlids and even spotted silver dollars and my clown loaches grow a fair bit quicker. But I am patient
  12. Awesome.. so glad I asked. I've had tanks for years(one I've had with my turtle for 9 years) and never had issues, very rarely do I lose fosh. But until this 8ft setup I've always used canisters. Always something new to learn. Very happy with the sump, just fine-tuning to make sure my fish stay happy and healthy. So sorry about the questions but I appreciate the help!
  13. 50% less power not bad! Just to confirm, you guys mean this one? If so, I will probably still get one and keep the eheim as a spare. Never hurts to have a back up plan. Age of Aquariums - Tunze Silence Water Pump 1073.040 the stand is 1m high, and the shelf the sump is on is about 10-15cm high.. so 90cm head height? Would i be better off with a 4000lph then? Doesnt the flow rate drop with increased head height i.e. tunze 3000lph, the 3000lph is the MAX flow so realistically with 90cm hh it would be less? also, i do run a 2000lph internal power filter i clean regularly that picks up a lot of debris and moves the water a bit more. Will look at switching to a wave maker or standard powerhead instead. Saves such regular cleaning of the internal filter sponges.
  14. Oh really? I was reading everywhere people run 10,000 lph. I had wondered if it would drain fast enough. Glad i asked! The pump in there at the moment is a eheim compact 3000+. Do you think i would need to upgrade then or leave as is? Also to clarify, I havent had issues yet, just thought it may not be enough of a flow rate for a heavily stocked tank considering other tank builds said they had much higher flow rates- hence why I asked! Thanks guys
  15. Hey guys, sorry I know similar things have been posted before, but theyre been for different sized tanks. I have a 8x2x2 american cichlid tank that is light to moderately stocked at present, but I am growing up more cichlids to move in. The sump is 6x1.5x1.5ft with mesh filter socks and fine filter wool replaced every few days as required, a thicker sponge, and 25kg of ceramic rings. I am considering getting k1 but havent made my mind up there. At the moment it is running a small eheim pump but the volume is far from adequate- it is just coping now. I was thinking maybe 10,000lph flow rate and was considering a laguna pump. I have a smaller one running on my turtle setup and it has been running for years 24/7 never a single hiccup so I am quite happy with it. Open to suggestions though. Summary- is 10,000lph a good flow rate for this setup, with 2 bulkheads draining out of the tank and one return. and recommendations on pump? Laguna, aquael (electronic flow rate adjustment or no? Admittedly the aquael plus version is sorta out of my price range.. could make the stretch if I had to but the $350 for the laguna or slightly cheaper standard aquael is more within reach. http://www.aquariumproducts.com.au/catalogue_products.php?prodID=4236&catID=13 http://www.thetechden.com.au/Aquael_Aquajet_PFN_10000_p/103351.htm http://www.thetechden.com.au/Aquael_Aquajet_PFN_10_000_p/111502.htm
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