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  1. Hi everyone, im looking for a choppy and a sparky who can help me with installing a fish tank into a wall. i need the wall cut out, light switches moved, power sockets moved and walls remade and then maybe some painting. would prefer someone that has done this before, but looking for know how and experience more than anything. Please make recommendations if you know anyone. thank you
  2. [MENTION=3694]JayPee[/MENTION] ... I am also keen on some deep black vinyl. I have a 5 x 2.5 backing I am interested in doing. Could you PM me a price incl shipping to Cornubia? Do you have a website where I could see the type of vinyl you supply?
  3. Any suggestions on where to get some good black vinyl? Does it go on as one piece? Any videohowtos out there? Cheers, Mick
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  5. VegasMick

    Aquatic Photography 101

    Great write up Brent. I will definitely be referring to this in the future!
  6. VegasMick


    BNJ ... Any news on my shirt and baseball cap? BTW ... Love the changes ... But the colors are ghastly.
  7. VegasMick

    Blue Flame Apistogramma Cacatuoides

    Very nice!
  8. Hey Mick,

    Bought a couple of auto feeders off u at ur garage sale. Was wondering if u have an instruction sheet as I can't work them out.

    Thank you,


  9. VegasMick

    10 x 2 x 800mm display tank

    That tank .... ROCKS!
  10. VegasMick

    diy purigen recharge 25min( pics)

    Yep, sounds like beaters are the go. Was thinking maybe a power head would work but prob not as the motor would get clogged. Beaters ftw
  11. VegasMick

    10 x 2 x 800mm display tank

    love your work mclovin ... will be interesting to see if the 5500 flow rate is enough for that sized tank - might come down to how much stock it holds. Damn I wish I was in Grade 12 again ... care free and pimping out the olds lounge room with excessively large tanks
  12. VegasMick

    Fish with Character

    My jags lively ... My oscar too ... But they are no red devil.
  13. VegasMick

    what is your favourite cory???

    Robinae ..... Just awesome Corydoras Robinae tropical fish photo from Tropical Fish and Aquariums