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  1. Hey guys, Was bored today so I thought I'd make something up for my 2 foot tank that I have. I used some bits of wood I had laying around the shed to make a hood and small stand for it to sit on while on my shelf. Stained it up to match my 4 foot tank, pretty happy with how it turned out! Let me know what you think Next up I'll be building a cabinet and hood for my 5 foot tank, that should be a fun project! Cheers
  2. Ah well doesn't matter, he can rule my African tank, still looks pretty nice.
  3. Yeah I thought he looked African, dunno if I'll keep him in my tank of Americans, just doesn't seem right. I have an African tank but he looks too big to drop in there, he may bully the smaller Africans.. sigh lol
  4. Hi guys, I picked up an Oscar someone needed to sell last night and they were needing to offload this fella as well so they could shut the tank down. I wasn't going to take him but they gave him to me for free and he's lived with the Oscar for quite a while so I thought it might make the transition easier for the Oscar. Problem is I don't really know what it is, they told me it was a Blue Terror but I've never heard of a Blue Terror before and can't really find anything on them. Anyways, any help appreciated! (Here his is in the background behind our large Oscar, just to show the vivid stripes he shows on certain angles.) Cheers, Wayne
  5. Just got given a 5 foot tank as a freebie... score! Will need to make a nice new stand and hood in the coming month or two, when I can afford it. For now I need some help with replacing a few parts on the filter, I know the bits I need to replace, being new to the aquarium world I just don't know what the parts are called so I can ask for them. It's the bits that go over the tank to hold the hoses etc... One of them have a very slow leak. I'll throw some photos up, if someone would be so kind as to help me with the names The lighting in the prebuilt hood is stuffed as well, all the wires need to be cut, redone and sealed, will try do that next week so I can get some proper lighting happening. Once I build a new hood I'll transfer them across hopefully. Thanks,
  6. My oscar sulks all the time if I do anything to his tank, its just what they do apparently. I used to feed him pellets and he'd smash them from the surface, then I started blood worms and crickets, he loves them! He won't touch pellets anymore though... May have cost myself some money in the long run there haha. Try some crickets, insects are part of their diet in their natural environment... He'll come good...
  7. Thanks guys! Yeah I love the look of the top tank, real happy with it. Its in my lounge room, so I get to look at it while I'm kicking back watching TV
  8. Here is a couple pics of my tanks, Got some new drift wood this arv and set them both up.
  9. Nice looking setup mate, well done!
  10. Hey Donny, I just realised your from Age of Aquariums. I got my main tank from you guys (the one with the Americans). Got it from Ben, with the cabinet and hood, good dude. I've been down to see you guys heaps lately picking up bits and pieces Don't know all your names yet, while I'm sure I've spoken to you many times I'm not sure which guy you are down there lol.
  11. lol yeah, I love my oscar, he is mad. I feed him crickets every day, he loves them. He usually swims around the front of the tank, but as soon as I try to record him he hides, same goes for the Jack Dempseys. Shy fellas they all are haha.
  12. Here is a video I did up last week with 3 of my tanks, The little Oscar went to a new home on Monday. I'm rearranging my American tank tomorrow with some new rocks so I'll get some pics up soon.
  13. Hi guys, I'm getting together an African Cichlid Tank at the moment and looking for more fish. It's dimensions are 1220mm x 380mm x 480mm 200L. I've got in there at the moment the following.. Peacock Electric Yellow Electric Blue Lombardoi Melanchromis Maingano Nimbochromis Venustus Blue Dolphin Jewel Red Forest Labidochromis Hongi Rusty I've heard putting in lots of cichlids is good to keep the territorial disputes down but I'm wondering how many I should throw in. I have an albino sailfin pleco in there as well, he is only a few inches at the moment but will grow fast enough. I also want to throw in a few cuckoos to cruise around and clean up uneaten food. I was hoping to get another 5 or so cichlids to go in there, is that enough or too much? Thanks guys.
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