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  1. Hi all, I'm doing a bit of research into how we acclimatise our fish, as such if you could take the time to complete the following poll. I will post the final results so that others new to the hobby can benefit from this also. It is in three parts 1st-General Feelings 2nd- how often you do it 3rd - If you don't why not. also, If you could reply with the method you use to Acclimatise your fishies that would be great, the below template might help. Fish Type (salt/fresh/etc): Length of time taken to acclimatise: Method used: Any other info: Thanks for your time kjw
  2. Opps, completly forgot to resize them all good now. They are just LG6's, As I said i have bee feeding frozen BBS, crushed food and infusia..so far so good..any tips most welcome!! kjw
  3. i have finally had a bit of success with my whiptail fry. I have one pair about 13cm long they have laid eggs a number of times but I have never had much success raising fry. On the last occasion I figured I would try something different. I grabbed a heap of weed from an o/s pond and put it a small tank with an air filter, then used water from the main tank to fill this, added the newly hatched fry and hoped for the best. well 3 weeks later and all is good, there is heaps of weed and bottom of the tank looks dirty but the whiptails appear to be doing great, they are swimming more than I have ever seen them in the past. I feed with BBS(frozen) and fingures crossed they will keep on keeping on. I have another batch of about 50 eggs that have just started to hatch so I will be doing the same with them. It's not the cleanest tank, but the water quality should be reasonable given the amount of weed...anyway we'll see how it goes, here are some pics.
  4. quick question.. I have jsut done some cleaning in one of my sumps. Towards the back under the fine filter I noticed a number of bioballs that have what appear to be mould on them. any way as you can see from the pics i have disturbed this and it is now thoughout the sump. Has anyone had this B4 should I empty my sump or is this nothing to be worried about or should I drain the sump, and wash the bioballs.??? I would say it has been there for a little while as it has been prob about 1 months since last having a close look . The tank itself appears fine, fish health and happy. here are some pics..any tips advise TA
  5. FYI -10 News tonight apparently has a report on new fish that have been banned..not sure how recent or accurate it will be, it is the news after all
  6. hmm. now where did those pics go..might turn up!! Now sump or sponges that is the question..At the moment I am thinking sponges with some internal filters. my reasoning behind this is there is less likelyhood of spreading a disease from one tank to another. the ability to keep fish with different requirements, and the cost invovled I think an air driven system would be cheaper to run than a sump or 3. As for heating I am hoping that with enough insulation the amount of heating/cooling I have to do will be minimal, and I plan to heat.cool the room rather than the tanks. One question for those in the know. I was thinking about lighting, I was just going to have the room totally enclosed and use fluros to light the room, or should I allow some natural light into the room, would one have any benefits over the other?
  7. Well after some time I have finally convinced the better half that I need a fish room. It will only be a smallish one 3500 x 3600. It will have insulated walls with blue foil sheeting on both sides of the wall and batts between the walls. Here are a couple of pics of it so far..still a long way to go, but I'm getting there. I am busy putting together a plan for the interior, I will post that soon. I'm open to any tips suggestions etc. If anyone lives on the southside and has a similar size room I would be keen to visit to get a bit of an idea on how others are set-up wrt plumbing/filtering etc. Kjw
  8. Just thought I would post this to let you know about a great glass cleaner I have just discovered. The Chux magic eraser - Bathroom. they are chemical and detergent free and basically just a tight sponge. I had a tank with a lot of those small green spots on it that are hard to get off. Well I took to it with this sponge and it did a fantastic job, the glass has never looked cleaner. I recommend them to everyone. Hope that helps someone Kjw
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