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  3. Tank has sold ! Now I have to get a new one !
  4. Hello

    If you are keeping mbuna - you already know more than me ! anything is > 0 anyways welcome. Ian
  5. Did not work - tank is now on gumtree
  6. the stains are on the inside on all 4 panels . Going to try "Barkeepers friend " an oxalic acid based cleaner .
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  8. yeah that is Darren . I have bought many tanks off him over the years .
  9. I have , due to my display 4ft having watermarks , had to start looking for a 4 x 18 x 20 tank so I was wondering who is making them these days ? Gary Maher and Darren from 'r'us are a given but who else is there ? Going to start looking tomorrow , but half of the businesses and hobbyists are gone . I prefer not to buy anything made by g&j Maher , they do not deal with the public so I do not wish to deal with them !
  10. looking for a pristine 4 x18 enclosed timber ( pine ) stand , not MDF and not painted ( bare wood , stained or clear lacquered only ) I currently have my tank off it's stand and thought that would be the best time to replace a stand . my stand is sound but quite old and a bit scruffy .So any stand has to be better than mine to be worthwhile - and cheaper than a new one . May consider a new one . post on here with a picture . Thanks Ian . edit- may be interested in tank and stand as my tank has watermarks .
  11. I have done this on a co2ed planted tank to keep surface agitation to a minimum . and because it was "euro braced" . There are things to be aware of especially when cleaning the filter ( praise be unto Eheim double taps ) with a miscalculation ( accidentally pull a hose apart at the compression fitting while trying to get the actual connection apart for 1 ) you can drop a lot of water before you stop the flow . plumbing is significantly different for a Canister to a Sump . Canister is a Siphon and sump is an overflow . but that said it can be done , it works well , you just need to think about what you are doing and how you are going to implement it . just remember that all of the pipe is always below the water level and has a pre- started siphon waiting to empty your tank to the bottom of the inlet inside the tank . A minor issue too is bleeding all the air out of the filter becomes an order of magnitude more difficult too .
  12. The best place to check would be facebook . I do not know of any planted tank shows or plant expo s in SEQ , but I do not have facebook , If I get facebook I will have to take my tinfoil hat off !
  13. Heater

    I would not go over a 150 watt as if the thermostat fails "in the on state" and they often do it will overheat your tank and kill your fish . I prefer to have the heater so that it can just keep the tank at around 28 to 30 c on a cold day . that way on a really hot day if it sticks you have some time to save the fish before it is too late .
  14. FS: 1200x600x600 CADE Tank & Stand + Extras

    Still got the kessils ?
  15. Lighting Advice For Planted Tank

    I would use a pair of kessil A160 .Tuna sun . I have found them to be the best compromise - and give the best results . Fluval "Plant and fresh 2.0" work but the original Fluval " Aqualife and Plant " work substantially better . I have a few of both types of Fluval . none in use . I have been trying to sell 5 "Fresh and Pllant" Fluvals for 6 months . No interest ! Plants all but a very few exceptions need light around 6400 to 6500 even 6700 ( Fluval plant and fresh 2.0 ) is a little too blue . Any light outside of that spectrum is unusable to most plants but of benefit to various algae . That said it is able to be managed and many people do - but much easier if you do not have to . A couple of my tanks ( one is doing a dry start , to let them root in so they do not float away when the tank is filled )