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  1. Their website is still up . I was wondering are they still filling orders ?
  2. looks like a Bullrout . If it is it has venomous spines ( like a stone fish ) . I would advise abundant caution in handling it . google Search "Notesthes robusta"
  3. Looks like a Ticto Barb , did not know that we had them in Australia . Could also be an Odessa barb but my money is on a Ticto .
  4. long running ill health and old age . been keeping fish for 55 years about long enough I think .
  5. I still use flouro T8s for any low tech tanks , ( or was until I shut them all down ) Just have one running tank now but will be shutting it down soon . At least for the foreseeable future anyway .
  6. wavelengths determine the colour - shorter wavelengths blue longer wavelengths red ( even shorter UV and even longer IR but not relevant to plants ) Edit -- adding a filter will change the wavelength ( colour ) but reduce output significantly
  7. I have been using led lights for growing plants , even in 2ft deep tanks , since they became available a few years ago . The get around the spectrum issue by using arrays of different colours , with that they can be mixed to create any spectrum required . Good led lights are not cheap but work very well , I used to use halides leds now can very nearly match them . I currently use Kessils or Fluval lights for CO2 tanks . I have used the cheap Chinese ones with some degree of success in low to medium light tanks but I moved away from them . I now have only one tank running . and due to health issues will be shutting it down soon . It is a 24 x 18 x 24 inch co2 +ferts type planted tank , On that I run 2 kessil 150 amazon suns and a 160 Tuna Sun . they will grow japanese hair grass well at a 2 ft depth . Leds from Bunnings etc may work , you would only find out by experimentation , I am pretty much over that and just buy ones that I know work . I am old and it just is not worth my time and aggravation to find out , only to have bunnings change supplier and find the new one next to useless . but for some half the fun is in the experimentation .
  8. It can wipe out a single species in a tank , the only way to check for sure is to take a fish to a vet and get it checked , Melanotaenia species are among the most susceptible . bloating and or surface ulcers being among the most common symptoms .
  9. I have a lot of information in my head , but unfortunatelyI have the people skills of a rabid American Pitbull Terrier .
  10. I believe it is Mycobacterium Marinum ( "Fish TB" ) I hope I am aloud to do this , here is a link to a VERY relevant YouTube video about Mycobacteriosis he explains it better than I ever could - Link -
  11. As I have posted here before I have been shutting down and selling almost all of my tanks . My daughter has scored a few ( 18 x 30 inch on 3 tier stands and a 2 tier 3x18x18 ) most of the the rest have been or are being sold . That said I have decided to keep 4 tanks , 2 x 24x18x24 display tanks with triple kessel leds on one and double fluval leds on the other and a 2 tier 4x18x20 setup with fluval leds on one and kessils on the other and grow plants ( guppies or platies or whatever as tank fillers ) that is the limit of what I can take care of . I have been keeping (breeding) fish for over 50 years I just can not keep up with the workload anymore . It has been an interesting journey and I have met a lot of people along the way , I have had a snake bite while catching rainbows , been sliced by glass , spiked by catfish and all sorts but it still has been ( mostly fun ) to those on here , enjoy the voyage it has the potential of being a long and interesting one . The pic below is my last active tank , overgrown and a little neglected but it's all i have up at present.
  12. I have always used a "ring" do not know if it is really better , because that is the only way I have done it. It worked so why change .
  13. It says a lot about the hobby and where it is going when you can not even give away 4 foot tanks . it saddens me to see and it will mostly be repeated as I move forward clearing out my tanks and stuff , for me it is unfortunately unavoidable ,My own fault as I hung onto them to long hoping that I could start again , which unfortunately , I can not . any how I got to do what I got to do!
  14. Just not able to get on top of things . can't even manhandle a 4x18x18 on my own anymore . not getting worse , just not getting any better . I got rid of a heap already but I still have 30 odd tanks left .
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