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  1. only one 30x12x15 tank left comes with lids and styro $30 24 inch and 36 inch tanks still available
  2. 2@30x15x12 inch $30 each - one sold one left 3@24x18x15 inch 6mm glass 40 each or 120 for the 3 2 tier with stand 36x18x18 inch one tank has a chip on the bottom of 1 end - taking offers but not lowball . Pickup from Bronzewing cres Deception bay
  3. Could not attach pics to PM so posting here pics below
  4. Just get a CO2 cylinder from a home brew shop , "keg king " or the like and get it filled by the home brew shop . they have a standard Australian fitting . beware though some Chinese regulators will not fit or worse will fit but not be able to be sealed . I at present use German regulators but they are dearer than chinese ones . third picture shows keg king bottle .
  5. I use CO2 Art , Professional dual stage regulators . they come from Germany . and pre Covid cost $200 each . they are very good quality and can be supplied to fit Australian standard Keg King CO2 bottles .
  6. I have recently shut everything down bar one tank with plants and no water . Might prove problematic breeding fish in a tank with no water .
  7. Their website is still up . I was wondering are they still filling orders ?
  8. looks like a Bullrout . If it is it has venomous spines ( like a stone fish ) . I would advise abundant caution in handling it . google Search "Notesthes robusta"
  9. Looks like a Ticto Barb , did not know that we had them in Australia . Could also be an Odessa barb but my money is on a Ticto .
  10. long running ill health and old age . been keeping fish for 55 years about long enough I think .
  11. I still use flouro T8s for any low tech tanks , ( or was until I shut them all down ) Just have one running tank now but will be shutting it down soon . At least for the foreseeable future anyway .
  12. wavelengths determine the colour - shorter wavelengths blue longer wavelengths red ( even shorter UV and even longer IR but not relevant to plants ) Edit -- adding a filter will change the wavelength ( colour ) but reduce output significantly
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