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  1. welcome - every new head counts
  2. pony-tail

    New here just saying hello

    cool good luck with the restart .
  3. It is definitely not healthy , could be dead . keep an eye on them and see what happens in a week or so .
  4. pony-tail

    2 foot tank - scraped biotype

    Sorry to hear about the fire .
  5. better than copper
  6. pony-tail

    2.6KG co2 cylinder - empty

    This post is months old ! you could try ebay see if the $89 keg king cylinders are still available , just search "co2 cylinder" on ebay search
  7. have a talk to john if possible . I am old and so is my information , I have not worked in this industry since the '90s . there could be way better options than nuking the pond , I just do not know them . having identified the pathogen is a good start .
  8. that could wind up expensive . Give John a call at The TechDen he may be able to help . You would probably need a commercial aquaculture type product . be aware Lernaea are crustaceans and all shrimps etc will die if the pond is treated.
  9. how big is the pond ?
  10. As for treatment I am way out of date .
  11. here is a pic of one "borrowed " from google
  12. looks like an anchor worm (Lernaea sp.) covered in algae . definitely a parasite
  13. not in stock at present more coming soon .
  14. I have a dual stage co2 art regulator . it is ok now but at first I had a lot of trouble with a leaking solenoid valve ( not stopping co2 flow at night ) My problem is who in Australia has stock .
  15. I have found on eBay that there is some kind of price war going on between Keg-King and Kegland resulting in Aussie standard 2.6kg Cylinders being sold ( correctly stamped and certified ) sold for $89 and 6kg for a bit over the hundred plus shipping . these are steel bottles but of good quality . I bought 2 x 6kg kegland bottles for $153 each shipped with gas . now I just have to find a source of quality Regulators .