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  1. 2 x 2ft cubes advertised on gumtree for $100 each selling to forum members for $50 each . To get them for $50 you must post on this ad then PM me
  2. I have for sale 4 4 foot tanks , they are advertised on gumtree for $150 but for forum members I will let them go for $50 they are grubby and will need cleaning , Due to health issues I can not help with moving them . Were used for breeding tangs and have sand with Calcium carb added for buffering this is included if you want it . Rack is not included . To get them for $50 you must post on this ad then PM me
  3. Just not able to get on top of things . can't even manhandle a 4x18x18 on my own anymore . not getting worse , just not getting any better . I got rid of a heap already but I still have 30 odd tanks left .
  4. I have not been doing much by way of fish keeping in the last couple of years due to ongoing health issues . So now I am getting rid of most of my gear - just listing it on gumtree as I get to it , mostly pretty cheap as it is being sold as it is , neglected and not cleaned up . Anything of better quality I will list on here . At this stage I am keeping my CO2 gear and LED plant lights . see how I go.
  5. My 2 pet aquarium hates - bladderwort and MTS , with duck weed not far behind . ( I just nuke the tank and sterilise everything ) The first 2 almost impossible to eradicate , and duckweed is just painful , taking a long time and constant scrutiny . particularly in high light CO2 planted tanks .
  6. not a fan of copper , and if your water is hard and alkaline , you will get survivors , at fish friendly doses , and if you are using , porous man made substrates it will leach back slowly for months . I have used CO2 overdose and had it work , but you can not have any animal life in there or it will die . Sugar sounds good , most methods it is best to have a spare tank to house the livestock
  7. It is definitely not healthy , could be dead . keep an eye on them and see what happens in a week or so .
  8. have a talk to john if possible . I am old and so is my information , I have not worked in this industry since the '90s . there could be way better options than nuking the pond , I just do not know them . having identified the pathogen is a good start .
  9. that could wind up expensive . Give John a call at The TechDen he may be able to help . You would probably need a commercial aquaculture type product . be aware Lernaea are crustaceans and all shrimps etc will die if the pond is treated.
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