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  1. pony-tail

    Show us your ferals

    They are ferals they are damaging to our natives they need to be removed - 2 fish is barely a start . Your ignorance is no less appalling than the fish being killed , If they go into somebody's tank either them or they're offspring could wind up back in our waterways . They have not as yet been declared noxious , but I believe they will in the not too distant future . Then it will be mandatory to kill them immediately on capture . Shame to kill such nice fish but it needs to be done .
  2. pony-tail

    Native recommendations?

    mouth almighty is another option slow growing but do get to 10 inches Glossamia aprion
  3. pony-tail

    Native recommendations?

    do a search on them . Leiopotherapon unicolour. do not grow that fast and only grow to 25cm , fairly aggressive though do not keep them with cichlids . in a small tank like you intend starting with , 6 fingerlings but in 6 to 8 months they will be 120mm long and starting to get agro . at which time you will need to decide if yo just want to keep 1 or upgrade to a bigger tank , the Morgunda ( purple spot gudgeon ) would probably be the easier path but it is another option .
  4. pony-tail

    Native recommendations?

    spangled grunter ( perch) Leiopotherapon unicolour.
  5. pony-tail

    Stunted silver sharks

    Try some cooked pumpkin . they are omnivorous , so they most likely eat insects , do they feed from the top at all if so some good quality flake might work .
  6. pony-tail

    Stunted silver sharks

    these fish are ammonia sensitive , can get injuries to digestive track if fed bloodworms , and sensitive to low oxygen slow flowing water . from what you have said , none of these appears to be the issue . have any of the fish in the tank had sores on them ?
  7. pony-tail

    Stunted silver sharks

    next question , are they eating the food , please watch carefully to make sure . that red rainbow has me worried because it is across different species and one that would normally get very fat on what is being fed . and apologies to jase it is not a flagtail but nor is it a barb .
  8. pony-tail

    Stunted silver sharks

    please do ! I just PMed the op and asked so should be resolved soon .
  9. pony-tail

    Stunted silver sharks

    Are you sure - you don't seem to know what it is . Semaprochilodus insignis (Flagtail Prochilodus) look at the shape of the scales , the position of the pectoral fins - under the gill covers , not behind , the shape of the head . just the pectorals indicate that it is not a barb .
  10. pony-tail

    Stunted silver sharks

    Top right corner second photo , what is it then
  11. pony-tail

    Stunted silver sharks

    This is not looking good , the flagtail looks to be "pinched in " around the head as well . there is not enough detail in the pictures to tell further , but it looks like a pathogen , Most likely bacterial , but possibly viral . Both the Flagtail and the Sharks are neutral to slightly acid water fish , so extremes of hard alkaline water would weaken them , but I would think that that would kill you neons so I do not think that is the issue .
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