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  1. +1 I had 25 in my 4 x 15 x 18 with a Eheim 2217 and a Fluval 303 with no problems.
  2. What would be the best way to introduce the fish? I was thinking of getting 10 yellows and 4 lots of 5 demasoni from different breeders. I don't know if this is relevant but they will be going into a newly cycled tank. Cheers Steve
  3. Its a 4ft ~ 200L with a Eheim 2217 full of Matrix and Fluval 303. Its not the biggest tank but I had 25 cichlids living quite happily for over a year with very few losses (only because I replaced old media with new stuff ) I found once I had a routine and stable water conditions they thrived. I was thinking around 15 Demasoni and 6 Yellows. What do you think?
  4. Thanks for the reply's =) I'm probably going to get juveniles so I'm guessing differentiating the sex would be quite difficult so should I just get a heap of them then get rid of the males later? And were you talking about dems or yellows Cheers
  5. I'll be setting up a new tank with predominately Demasoni's and want to find a suitable species to mix with them. Electric yellow's would be a nice contrast in colour but I just want to know if the 2 species would be compatible? Or if you have any other suggestions to mix with Demasoni's.... Cheers Soul
  6. Thx for the replies Ive done a couple of water changes over the last week and checked the water. Ph 8 Kh 80 mg/L Gh 140mg/L ammonia 0 Nitrates 10mg/L I always use buffers and these figures apart from the Nitrates (due to the lack of water changes) have been consistent for the past year or so. I might give the worming medication a go. Cheers for the help
  7. I haven't done a water change in a while so my parameters won't be great but this was occurring a few months ago with one of my dolphins when the water conditions were fine. ps thanks for the help
  8. I havnt wormed them and i feed them NLS (Cichlid Mix) exclusively.
  9. Hi All my fish seem to have sunken bellies! First it was one now a few months later they all have it. Anyone know what this is and how to treat it? Cheers
  10. What about a weir with two holes drilled in it. One for a durso and the other for a siphon. You run the siphon around 95%, controlled with a ball valve and the remainder through the durso. If u make the durso big enough to handle the full flow of the pump it will double as a back up drain if the siphon blocks. You could also drill a third hole in the weir for your outlet to keep things neat. Ive seen this done on a lot of marine setups and is suppose to be extremely quiet.
  11. the shop at aspley sells nls and so does atlas at wavell heights. id take about $30 with u. it might be cheaper. i bought my 150g container on the 21/7 and still have half left. i feed them 1 good pinch twice a day (sometimes i think i might be overfeeding) which feeds about 20 odd munba and a couple of larger dolphins. hth
  12. i use nls i noticed a dramatic change in colour when i switched. i used to use HBH pellets and flake
  13. Hi Soppy The 2217's shouldn't make much noise at all. It should just sound as if the motor is running, a little hum. My Fluval 303 makes more noise. Make sure the bracket holding the impeller in has not fallen out. You can check with a torch. The bracket in mine has fallen out after making that start up noise you described - it can still pump water with this bracket dislodged. Check the seal for the outlet that is inside the cover for the motor. You can pry the cover off with a flat blade screwdriver. There is also a plastic ring that clips onto the outlet to keep this seal in place. HTH Steve
  14. The filters a 2217 and was filled with the usual mechanical media and for bio there was 1/3 matrix and 2/3 of that media u get with those cheap Asian canisters (at least 5 years old). The cheap media had started to deteriorate and fall apart consequently compacting and reducing flow to about 60%, I was also concerned about loose particles making their way to the impeller. Redland's had a good price on matrix so I got some. I also have another canister with coral, purigen and clay balls running. Both filters combined turn the tank over at least x10 an hour. I guessed I had enough filtration to compensate. In hindsight I should have replaced it gradually. Steve
  15. Thanks for the advice He seems to b recovering. Ill try feeding him tonight and dose with some salt, i think i neutralised the ammonia b4 it was lethal so hopefully he'll pull through
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