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  1. Here's the look' ...All 22 tanks are pure white sand. . Your welcome to pop over Highland Park Gold Coast
  2. I have Japanese blue swords with a touch of red on them 1 x breeding trios Mb 0404901196
  3. I'm trying to scale down due to the power bill increasing. We avoid the air conditioning and heaters. Budget where we can... but the end story business end up sucking up all your money.
  4. Your right . . . Magnesium and calcium needs to be balanced in each cell , if not you get calicum dumping in your veins joints etc... magnesium is another definency of the human race. Like Q10/MSM/B6/12/drinkable natural iodine/colidal minerials/L glutamine. You may visit My fb page - 007 keeping it real. ... I spray my skin 10 x sprays per day. what's the amount you add per litre to you fish tank? I purchased 10 kgs crystal from the Dead sea and make the liquid for $2 ...its sold retail for $20+
  5. To be honest this product won awards as a quality product ... ...and its all natural. So less deaths. As long term chemicals destroys life's including people. I've used it for over a year and all my fish shrimp plants and snails are several generations of organically bred. It doesn't get better than that. 1 out of 5 human babies die in Australia within 28 days! ...so why does people question natural products?!? ...are you afraid to live longer in this world? Your welcome to visit the nature boy 007 Highland Park Gold Coast mb 0404901196 Cheers ..
  6. Thanks heaps Vic .. I'm glad you like. Your a champion of quality c:
  7. Planted ....10 weeks old fluval fx 6 Hydra ironised 50 internal filter 12 x disc mists maker 2 x aquaworks 9watt led cree 300 watt led white/blue lighting easy-life products NO CHEMICALS 1 x wavemaker ...breeding Blue sky platys
  8. If you ring this number 07 3848 9585 the answering machine tells ya the times and days when he's open.
  9. Great job!!! ....what did that all cost you (stand and cube?)
  10. I happy to show your high to grow live plants in your aquarium. . . With great results
  11. Boy this is a long thread.. I use easy-life. . And it's see some! .. yes it all natural. I dear tell you about coke or tap water and what's in it as I doubt anyone cares ..lol
  12. I use the ultra white fine sand ... Looks great with my Dark chocolate cherry shrimp. If your coming down or on the Gold coast your welcome to come and see more 10 fully plant display tanks ... I supply the sand at a dollar per kg
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