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  1. There doing well and me to the breeder done well with this line !
  2. These are my 4 ebjd that Ive had since 2 inchs ! Last year in july i got them. Ill add more pics of the guys when theyvsettle into there new tank !
  3. I hve 4 ebjd in my community tank 19cms at a year and 4 months old i found an amazing breeder and it can be done can put the ebjd with anything that wont stress the fish out ebjd has to be boss of the tank always !
  4. I jus measured there nearly 2cms and thanks !
  5. Its the same tank just the bn in there. There just about 1cm i guess
  6. So dad kicked his eggs after a tank clean when the bf did it. There in a tumbler now and well when is a good stage to release them from the tumbler they have there own tank 2ft.
  7. I only use tank water with my fishes, I use to test all the time when I get really into fish etc & take really good care everything seemed to fail. Now I just do weekly clean & re add there water, clean the front glass of green algae as tanks are outside in an under covered area, now all spawning and growing super fast ! Ive been keeping fish from 08 to 11 untill floods wiped out a few grand of tanks an exotic fish. now Ive only recently gotten back into fish keeping every things going ok. oh an the smell of tanks is real you can smell a good tank to a bad tank yuk.
  8. thanks for that tristan any helps good
  9. ok cool thanks i did read the pinned post green terror put up that helped a bit but still would like other comments just trying to find a good lens as well or somewhere that laybys lol
  10. i have bought a D5200, i use auto haha, anyone know a good setting to set my camera any help would be awesome! its only got the 18-55mm lens on it atm untill i can find a macro lens thats in my budget thanks for any help !
  11. Thanks for that i will be building my worm farm this week What would a good potting mix be good to use ?
  12. Any one have a worm farm still ? Best veg/fruit to put into your worm farm ?
  13. I hve ebjd aswell in the tank there all siblings so highly gene split... there only 5/6cms atm but high in blue so is my ebjd
  14. I dont know what i have i have a double fluro setting I have a grow fluro in atm an usually a slimmer white bulb But have taken the white bulb out an jus have the grow bulb but i dont have any plants Ive herd of a actinic marine fluro But herd they can be $40+ dollars ?
  15. Hey , just wondering on which 4 ft light/fluro is best to get To bring out blues on fish (jack dempseys) ? Thanks
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