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  1. just a few new pics of my dubs better off downloading and enlarging heaps better view then
  2. white vineger mrs uses it to disinfect 2nd hand tupperwear
  3. sorry put in wrong section hope no one minds
  4. I am needing to borrow a trailer for a couple of hour has anyone got 1 the could lend me Cheers Ben
  5. i can build u a steel stand to suit mate just pm me and ill work out price i can vj it out too if u want
  6. just brought a new 300w jager from aquarium s r us for $62
  7. just thought i would share my setup with everyone atm there are 25 dubs in the tank approx 5-6cms some are starting to show there bands
  8. nice dubs ray how many u got in there??
  9. ok ray bit worried about u mate !! love???? lol ok so if i do water changes on my tropheus tank ill b putting in ph at a level of 7.6 but then the coral pieces will raise this back up to 8.4 which means the ph will not b stable ??? would u recommend taking the coral out and just leaving at the 7.6 ph out of the tap?? could i just take the coral out or would this cause the ph to go down to sudden???
  10. ok so wat do u recommend i do just ad the water out of my tap when i do a water change???
  11. i just use ph when doing a water change fill my 80l water container and add ph up till its right but ray has the idea by putting some of my coral pieces in the water container
  12. where is the best place to buy egg crate from
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